Seroma Hardware Tycoons Robbed At Wavamuno Son Wedding

Police officers attached at Busiga Police have started the hunt for mid aged man who beat up tight security at Speke Resort in Munyonyo and later sneaked to the wedding party of the son of city tycoon Gordon Wavamuno where he ended up robbing expensive smart phones belonging to the Directors of Seroma Hardware. The expensive wedding was held Last Saturday where executive persons were invited.

According to sources at Buziga Police, the wanted thug came and disguised as the son to city tycoons who had represented his father at the wedding and he was let to go.

Sources say after passing through the tight check point, he went straight and sat on the same table where Seroma Hardware directors were seated.

Insiders who attended the wedding say, he greeted the big people and introduced himself as a son to one of the prominent city tycoons who had represented his father.

“After introducing himself as the son to the city tycoon, Seroma Directors welcomed him on their table and started chatting with him,” says one of the invited guests.

Sources added that when the Directors went at the dinning table, the man grabbed their phones and left the function adding that upon coming back with their plates of food, they found their phones missing and the person whom they had sat with also not at the table .

Insiders say that the panicking bosses immediately informed the organizers of the party who also informed the security to seal off the place and immediately, they started hunting for that person but they couldn’t get him.

Hotel security viewed cameras and saw how the man entered through the check point and again went using the same checkpoint. Seroma directors immediately informed head security of their company one Lwigyema Leonard who opened a case of phone theft vide Sd16/26/09/2020 of Buziga police station on their behalf.

The stolen phones were all iPhones that is valued at over shs 6M.  Sources at Buziga police told us that Directors have put a reward of shs 1M to whoever can lead to the arrest and identification of the suspect.



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