SFC Confiscates Mobile Phones Of NUP Supporters As They Plan To Burn K’la


Intelligence officers attached to special force command an elite force mandated for the security of the president confiscated over 35 mobile phones of the arrested Bobi wine supporters.

According to our sources, SFC officers confiscated phones after intelligence revealed that the plan to burn Kampala and other parts of the Country was being planned on phone. “Rioters were communicating with NUP President Hon Robert Kyagulanyi on phone so we want to track their communication,” says another SFC Officer.

“We got our intelligence that NUP leaders were planning how to burn Kampala city and other parts of the country on phones with their  field leaders whom we  intercepted before they could accomplish their mission and arrested all of them,” says our security source.

Our spies added that SFC intelligence officers decided to take all the phones of the arrested NUP diehards for forensic examinations to establish whom exactly are they dealing with, to burn and cause havoc in our country.

Insiders further said that there is need for extensive investigations from these phones because it is about not only rioting but also terrorism and other related capital offenses.

“You cant imagine, Bobi wine called one of the arrested people when I was hearing myself and ordered him to advance to city square saying that it’s the only place we must capture to finish our mission,” another security source told us.

“Our intense operations to keep Kampala secure from any form of insecurity is going on until we are sure that Ugandans are free from any sort of fear and intimidation from these opportunists,” says our security spy.

Yesterday over 35 Nup supporters were arrested in a joint military operation that was spearheaded by SFC, Police and ISO and are being detained at CPS Kampala, as investigations are underway.

This came after Bobi Wine called the public to carry out peaceful demonstrations against the election win of President Museveni.

“I call upon you to rise up peacefully, unarmed and demonstrate against the regime that has oppressed us,” the singer-turned-politician, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, said on Tuesday at the headquarters of his National Unity Platform in the capital, Kampala.

The 39-year-old was speaking beside a table piled high with files, which he claimed contained results forms from individual polling stations. He said based on these results to show that he was the real winner with 54 percent.




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