SFC On Spot For Protecting Pearl Hotel To Disobey Presidential Directives On Covid 19.

Special force command an elite force mandated to protect the president has been put on the spot for protecting Pearl Hotel to disobey presidential directives on Covid 19.

According to our sources, Pearl Hotel secretly pays SFC commanders to allow them to hold illegal night parties, allow a bar with silent music before allowing thousand of revelers into attendance.

Our spies told us that on many occasions, police gets intelligence information that night parties are being done inside the hotel specifically at the swimming pool side and that many people do attend without following guidelines from the Ministry of Health but whenever police come for the operation, they are always blocked by SFC on the last entrance gate.

“We always get intelligence information that many parties and with too many people are held at Pearl Hotel at night but on many occasions when we go for arrests, these SFC guys on the last gate block us and end up going back without carrying out any operation,” says one of our spies in the police.

Our spies added that police even got information over the weekend that the arrested Nigerian singer first held a big party at Pearl hotel before going for a concert at Speke resort which attracted thousands of revelers.

Our spies also revealed how SFC commanders are no longer allowing police to carry out night operations in these big hotels because police always go with media to shame people flaunting Covid 19 guidelines.

Our spies added that most owners of big hotels have resorted to paying SFC commanders to specifically block police officers from carrying out night operations.

“We are always bounced by SFC guys whenever we go for night operations in these big hotels within Kampala,” says another spy in the police.

Our source added that Nakasero Statehouse and its staff should be careful with the pandemic because SFC officers will spread the virus to many people because they do interact with them and something that puts the life of the president at stake.

Our spies also revealed to us how they got information of the Nigerian singer and his people that they had a party at Pearl Hotel but failed to penetrate there because of SFC commanders.

Our spy added that last week police managed to beat SFC and went to Pearl Hotel where they arrested over 200 people who were found enjoying silent music, drinking without putting any ministry of health guidelines on Covid 19 in place. Police also confiscated and impounded all the musical instruments of the hotel.

Our spy later told us how the Hotel Management started threatening police officers especially the Dpc, OC operations, and OC station that they are going to lose their offices because of the embarrassing the hotel and their people

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