South Sudan Vice President Survives Ambush, Six Body Guards Killed

Six body guards of the south Sudan Vice president James Wani Igga were on Wednesday killed in an ambush that was staged on their convoy where their principle survived.

According to the vice president’s spokesperson Kalisto Lado, the bodyguards were shot in an ambush mounted on their convoy while on their way to the president’s home village of Lobonok in the south of the capital Juba.

Vice president’s spokesperson added that, the principle was not in the convoy by the time it was attacked in the ambush.

“Mr. Wani was lucky to survive the ambush as he was not in the convoy when it came under fire at his home village of Lobonok, south of the capital, Juba,” says Kalisto the spokesperson of the vice president.

Kalisto told the BBC that the vehicle in which the six killed bodyguards were travelling in was destroyed and burnt by rebels from the National Salvation Front (NAS),” Kalisto told the BBC.

According to our sources, after the attack, the NAS opposition group headed by the former Army chief of staff Thomas Crillo Malongo came out and   claimed,  that they are the ones responsible for the attacks on the vice president’s convoy.

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