Sports Center Managing Director Katumwa Arrested Over Defiling a 16 Year Old Girl

Katwe police station is holding a city businessman David Katumwa who also doubles as the managing director of sports centers country wide on allegations of defiling a 16 year old girl.

Katumwa was arrested yesterday by plain cloth detectives attached at Katwe police station from his home in Makindye Kizunga a Kampala suburb.

Luke Owoyesigyire the deputy police spokesperson for Kampala metropolitan confirmed the arrest and said investigations are still on going.

“Its true we are holding David Katumwa on allegations of defiling a 16 year old girl but we are still gathering evidence over the allegations,” says Luke Owoyesigyire.

Luke told us that Katumwa’s arrest came after the mother of the girl one Mrs. Yasimin Ahmed aged 37 years and a resident of Makindye Kizungu went to Katwe police station and told them that Katumwa knows the whereabouts of her girl because she has been told by many people that the two have been together in Natete.

Luke added that the alleged defiled girl disappeared from her parents two weeks ago and they reported a case of disappearance at Kizungu police post and that the family has been looking for their girl.

Our sources added that the mother of the girl got her with a brand new phone and upon asking her where she got the phone from and  she refused tell her adding that when the mother threatened to beat her, she disappeared from the home and the mother started looking for her.

Our source added that the mother of the girl got information from one of the cousins of the girl identified as Bakran 17 years who suspected the girl to be at Katumwa’s home.  The mother said that Bakran informed her that it’s Katumwa who had bought her the said phone.

The mother further narrated to police that, she informed the step dad of the girl one Ibrahim Kafuma that its Katumwa who knows the whereabouts of their girl having bought her the phone and that Ibrahim immediately called Katumwa to ask him about their girl but he never picked his calls.

The mother added that Katumwa called Ibrahim the following day and he “Ibrahim” went to Katumwa’s home and he told him that the girl was at his home and that he escorted and left her on the way going back home. But parents say she never reached home.

The mother further narrated to police officers that on 15th Oct 2020, Bakran who is the cousin brother to the girl called her informing that someone had seen the girl in Katumwa’s car in Natete and she immediately called Katumwa but before she could talk to him, he asked her if she had not yet seen her daughter.

The police detectives from the department of Gender at Katwe police station together with OC Kizungu police station went to Katumwa’s home and searched his home trying to see if they can find the girl but they didn’t and arrested him.

Luke further said that upon interrogating Katumwa, he acknowledged having met the girl after disappearing from her home adding that he told her to go back to her home.

“Katumwa told us that the alleged girl came to his home because they are neighbors and told him that she had disappeared from her parents and she doesn’t want to go back and that he “Katumwa” told her to back to her parents,” says Luke Owoyesigyire.

Our sources at Katwe revealed that the mother of the girl got information that before her daughter disappeared; Katumwa had bought her a phone where the two have been communicating adding that her girl did not disappear but was taken by Katumwa.

The deputy police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire added that officers are investigating the case of disappearance and that of alleged defilement adding that the officers are concentrating much on the disappearance and that of defilement will come after the girl has been found.

“There is no evidence of defilement now because the victim is still missing but we are holding Katumwa after the mother reported that he knows the whereabouts of her daughter,” says Luke Owoyesigyire.

This is not the first time city businessman David Katumwa is being arrested on allegations of defilement. In January 2015 he was arrested and detained Katwe police station on allegations of defiling a 16 year old girl.

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