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Ssekandi Warns Parents on Chewing Children’s Savings as Middle East Consultants Sends 100 to Work Abroad

Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi has cautioned parents and guardians of children working from a broad to stop misusing their hard earned savings they send back home.

Vice President Ssekandi was Thursday morning flagging off 100 Ugandans mostly youth recruited by Middle East Consultants to work abroad most especially in the middle east countries.

The youth will work as taxi drivers, general cleaners, maids and unarmed guards in Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi.

The Vice president who was Chief Guest asked parents not to misuse their savings but help them to guide them on how to invest it and get profits like building rental houses and getting involved in agriculture.

He appealed to the youth not to reach there and start castigating the government back home but become Uganda’s good ambassadors saying that this will not only get more Ugandans jobs abroad, but also attract foreign investors.

VP Ssekandi pausing for a group photo with some of the parents of boys and girls leaving for jobs abroad

“Treasure the opportunities you have got. Be exemplary workers so that other Ugandans can be considered for jobs abroad.
Working abroad is more exciting and useful; you get exposure to so many things including diverse cultures,” Ssekandi said.

He also urged them not to live a reckless life saying that government and parents want to see them back when they are alive and safe “Be careful with life, we need you to come back alive and kicking,” He said.

Vice President blesses one of the youths leaving for work today at MECL head offices in Muyenga Kampala

The Vice President also commended Middle East Consultants for availing employment opportunities to Ugandans, noting that the company has helped in the fight against unemployment.

According to Middle East Consultants Ltd, over 15 years they have been exporting labour abroad, over 12000 Ugandans have been able to get jobs in Middle East countries through the company.
Ssekandi noted that government has put in place a policy guiding the export of labour.

“Go through only licensed companies like Middle East Consultants. We need jobs, but we also have to ensure that they (jobs) are safe both within and abroad,” he said.

Middle East Consultants Managing Director Gordon Mugyenyi speaking during the function also revealed that the company will start a training institute for Ugandans who will later be employed abroad.

Mugyenyi said the academy which will start by next year will be training Ugandans in lucrative jobs abroad such as hoteliers, drivers, unarmed guards and welders among others.

“Middle East Training will start next year and all those who will be deployed abroad will be trained from the academy” He said.

He revealed that the company is also looking forward to lobbying from Europe for white collar jobs for Ugandans through the ministry of Gender Labour and social affairs.

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