Anti Corruption

State House Anti-Corruption Unit, Nnabagereka Foundation & Occupants Of Mpuga, Busiro Land Hold Talks

In the ongoing case to resolve the Nnabagereka Development Foundation land occupancy, the State House Anti-Corruption Unit yesterday hosted the local leaders of both Mpuga and Ssisa to share with them findings of the detailed survey undertaken to document the portions they occupy and agree the next steps.
The team from the Ministry of Lands led by the commissioner Surveys & Mappings Mr. Ogaro presented the findings.
Others in attendance included the Buganda Kingdom Attorney General, Owek. Christopher Bwanika and members of the Nnabagereka Development Foundation.
The parties agreed in principle that no one would be evicted from both plots but rather they would enter into negotiations in order to coexist.
They also fully acknowledge that the Nnabagereka Development Foundation are the true owners of the land.
With particular regard to the land in Mpuga, the occupants agreed with the findings and agreed that they do not have claim on the unoccupied land and are happy to let the foundation use it for development purposes.
On the land at Sissa, the local leaders agreed that the Buganda Land Board & the Foundation would enter into negotiations to identify the portions of land that can be utilized by the Foundation.
Owek. Christopher Bwanika Attorney General Buganda Kingdom thanked the Unit for convening the meeting and the local leaders for attending.
He assured the meeting that they would go back over the next two weeks to ascertain the legal occupants from the illegal ones but in any case ensure they reach an amicable solution

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