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Tanga Odoi Has No Powers to Declare Rukutana, Kabasharira Winner-NRM Boss

Dr Tanga Odoi who is the current Chairperson Electoral Commission of National Resistance Movement (NRM) has no capacity and authority to declare either Minister Mwesigwa Rukutana or Naome Kabasharira the winner of Rushenyi County NRM Flag bearer, Spyreports has exclusively learnt.

The battle for the winner in Rushenyi NRM Primaries has been on for close to two weeks where each of the candidates has been declared a winner at one stage. At first Naome Kabasharira was announced the winner following the arrest and prosecution of Rukutana over shooting.

As Rukutana was still in prison, his team tirelessly petitioned to NRM claiming that there was rigging of elections by Kabasharira and her team and they successfully won the battle. “We killed two fat birds with one stone where we secured bailed for our candidate and over turning the results on the same day,” says one of the Rukutana Supporters.

However sources with in NRM and first family told us that shortly after Tanga Odoi announced Rukutana as leading winner, he received a serious call ordering him to halt announcing the winner and in his statement, he said Rukutana was not the winner but the leader in the tally and gave him two days to announce the final winner which he has not done upto now.

Another powerful person in Ruling Party says Tanga Odoi has no powers to decide on who should win Rushenyi seat but he will only be told to announce the winner.

“CEC and President Museveni are the only organs that will decide who should represent NRM in Rushenyi come 2021 elections. If they choose Rukutana he will be announced and if they pick Kabasharira she will also go through,” says of the CEC Members adding that the final decision would be announced over the weekend.

Another Source from CEC revealed to us that ever since Rukutana was bailed a serious rift erupted among the CEC members on who should go through between the two.

“According to the results, Kabashariria won the seat  but some members fear that if she takes the NRM Flag, she can easily be defeated in the general elections due to lack of resources,” says a strong NRM Member.

Sources say if Rukutana is denied victory, he can team up with Opposition and defeat Kabasharira in the general elections because of his influence in the area.

“This man has been the MP for Rushenyi for over 20 years and he has influence in the areas so if he is dumped, he can do any thing to have NRM Candidate fail. So the decision on who should go through must be chosen carefully,” another NRM Boss says.

Insiders in NRM added that Rukutana has close links in CEC who are backing him to be declared the winner but the President has not yet decided. “It will look a shame to see that all NRM incumbents in Ntungamo District lost apart from Kajara so some CEC Members want Rukutana to go through to reduce on pressure,” says another insider.


Meanwhile chaos has also erupted in Rushenyi for consecutive two days after Tanga Odoi said jailed Rukutana was leading and according to his talks, he showed signals that he could actually win the seat ahead of trusted Kabasharira.

Demonstrations in Rushenyi;  Protesters block the road with stones paralyzing the transport.

Chaos erupted in areas of Rwentobo, Rwahi, Omushenyi and Ngoma where Kabasharira has the majority support. “We shall not allow Tanga Odoi to announce Rukutana as a winner yet he lost. We have been told that Rukutana bribed Tanga to announce him as the winner,” some errant rioters were quoted saying.

Rioters blocked the road and transport along Mbarara Kabale road was disrupted. Supporters say they want President Museveni to come to their rescue and order Tanga Odoi to announce Kabasharira as the winner.

“We want President Museveni to know that Rukutana has been winning via bribery but this time around he tried to bribe but he failed but he wants to use violence which he caused by himself and be announced the winner which we shall not allow,” a group of Kabasharira’s supporter say.

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