Three Arrested Over Operating Fake Police Twitter, Facebook Accounts

Police detectives attached to CID headquarters Kibuli are holding three suspects who have been operating fake Twitter and Facebook accounts of in the name of police and circulate fake and harmful information to the public hence tarnishing the good image of the institution. The arrested are being interrogated at CID headquarters.

“Our strong Electronic counter measures squared has arrested three “punks” who have been operating fake police Twitter and Facebook accounts, posting all sorts of nonsense to ridicule our heard earned good image,” says CID Spokesperson Charles Twine.

The suspects have been identified as Ochan Allan and Mugerwa Calvin.

Charles Twine says the arrested suspects they were found in possession of the very powerful and strong gadgets, which they have been using to operate these fake accounts.

“CID has built a difficult electronic counter measure and anti cyber crimes team whose output will certainly make the perpetrators endangered species,” added Twine.

He added that after serious interrogations, the suspects would appear before courts of law and face several charges that include Impersonation, giving out false information, forgery among others.

A fake twitter account in the name of Uganda Police.

A fake twitter account in the name of Deputy Police Spokesperson Polly Namaye



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