Two Candidate Students Shot Dead At Girls’ School


Two senior four students attached to St Joseph’s Collage Layiba in Gulu district have been shot dead by a security guard as they tried to sneak into girls’ dormitory at Bright Valley Girls’ school, which is a few meters away from St Josephs. The deceased have been identified as Okeny Emmanuel and Rubangakene Brian.

According to eyewitness, the shocking incident occurred on Wednesday night as boys tried to sneak into girls’ dormitory past midnight.

“After night preps over ten boys of St Josephs sneaked out of their dormitory and went to Check on their girls at Bright Valley,” says one of the students at St Josephs.

Sources at Bright Valley School say as the guard was making his night patrol, he saw a group of men putting on black jackets and caps entering to girls’ dormitory and he suspected them to be robbers.

“When he saw them running, he opened the fire and ordered them to stop but the arrogant young boys declined to stop and he shot two dead and injured three others,” says a source adding that those who were not killed or injured ran back to school.

Sources say injured students have been rushed to Lacor Hospital in critical conditions for medical observation while the three were arrested and are currently under police custody. Meanwhile, the remaining four took off and returned to their school.


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