Nabakooba Delivering her Speech

Uganda Joins the Rest of The world To Celebrate International Women’s Day


The minister of ICT and National guidance Judith Nabakooba has announced that Uganda will join the rest of the world in commemoration of the international women’s day tomorrow 8th Monday.

Nabakooba said that the national event is going to be celebrated scientifically at State House Entebbe. The minister said that the function  will be presided over by His Excellency the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni under the theme; Building on Women’s Strength for a better future in a COVID-19 world.

Nabakooba stressed that women have been exceptional in Uganda’s efforts against COVID-19.

“Women have provided leadership at all levels from the top national level down to the household.” She said.

Adding that throughout the COVID-19 pandemic women have put up a determined effort to ensure that people under their care remained safe and healthy.

Nabakooba appreciated the efforts women portrayed during the covid19 lockdown to make sure that their community and families get bread.

“We all remember the images of women in the markets and make shift restaurants who slept at their workplace. These women demonstrated strength of character, resilience and the love of their families.They listened to the President’s guidance by staying at their workplaces. Because of their sacrifice, many lives were saved and communities maintained a regular supply of food and other resources. There is no doubt that Uganda survived the worst effects of COVID-19 because of the sacrifice that women put in.” She said.

The minister added that the important role that women are providing throughout this pandemic has not been without any challenges.

Nabaakoba said that the most negative effects of COVID-19 have also been faced by women.

She added that the COVID-19 period has seen a big increase in domestic violence cases all throughout the country.

“Almost 80% of all these cases have involved women as the victims. Women make up close to 90% of all workers under the informal sector and it is this sector that has been worst hit by COVID-19”. Nabaakoba noted.

However, despite all these challenges, the minister said that women have continued to demonstrate resilience and strength in character.

She mentioned that as we celebrate this Women’s Day, Government of Uganda is going to tap into this unique power of women. Women are now more than ready to lead the country’s COVID-19 recovery efforts.

Nabakooba said that already the government has invested significantly in a number of interventions that put women at the front.

“Some of these interventions include the Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Program, Skilling of women and building capacity to establish value addition centers, Emyooga programs at the sub county, Operation Wealth Creation, The Agricultural Credit Facility at many others.” She said.

Nabakooba said that the government through her Ministry will also continue to support women to embrace ICTs and connect them to the regional and international markets

Relatedly, Nabakooba has said although tomorrow is a public holiday, UNEB will continue with the ongoing exams.

“However, UNEB has officially communicated that the on-going Candidate exams will continue as planned. I therefore call upon all responsible officers and candidates to remain focused to the existing program”. She remarked.

She emphasized that we should not forget that COVID-19 is still here with us.

“All schools and candidates are reminded to stick the agreed upon operating procedures to ensure the safety of everyone. For the rest of the public, remember to always wear your face mask each time you go out in public. Wash your hands with soap all the time and maintain social distancing”. Nabakooba said.



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