Ugandan Headmaster Killed In South Sudan

Police in South Sudan is investigating the circumstances under which a Ugandan Headmaster was killed by his Deputy and his body dumped in the nearby river. Security identified the deceased as Gophine Afimani the headmaster of Excel International Academy who hailed from Terego District Northern Uganda.

Police says he was murdered by his Deputy Godfrey Bakaise after developing conflicts over $ 500 totaling to shs 1.5m.  “Bakaise first hit his boss with a sharp object in the head and he fell down and he later slaughtered him,” says an eyewitness in South Sudan.

Police adds that after interrogations, Bakaise accepted having killed his boss over money and woman related issues. Police says he has been arrested and will be prosecuted in courts of law on murder charges.

The chairman of Ugandan community Alex Muwaguzi said that it was unfortunate incident where a Ugandans are killing each other. He added that such incidences are so rare in South Sudan calling this the first of its kind.

“The headmaster was killed by his deputy over 500USD and other documents. What worries is that this has created tension and hatred among the lugbara and other Ugandans”. Muwaguzi said.

Alex added that the problem they are facing challenges is that Ugandan government is not helping them. “We don’t have cars to transport Ugandan people who die in South Sudan,” he says


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