UNEB Warns Schools on Registration Fees, Not Registering Pregnant Girls

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has warned schools against hiking registration fees for candidates ahead of the national examinations.

This warning was sounded as UNEB commenced the registration of candidates today which is to last for the next five weeks.

According to a statement from UNEB, late registration will not be tolerated and thus schools are urged to ensure their students are registered within the given time frame.

“The registration fees have not been increased and the structure remains; Shs34,000 for PLE, Shs164,000 for UCE, and Shs186,000 for UACE.” Read part of the statement signed by the UNEB Executive Secretary Dan Odongo.

“Any additional charges that the school would like to make for administrative purposes should be clearly explained to the parents and must not in any way, be referred to as UNEB fees/registration,” it added.

Odongo called upon parents to be vigilant and not be exploited by the schools under the guise of UNEB registration fees.

In the same vein, Odongo warned against schools who intend to refuse the registration of pregnant learners for the forth coming national examinations.

“UNEB recognizes that the lockdown due to COVID-19 has been a very tough period, especially for the girl child. We have received reports that a number of them became pregnant during this season,” he said.

“While we do not condone teenage pregnancy, we recognize that most of these girls are victims of circumstances, holding unintended pregnancies. Most of them are traumatized and denying them the opportunity to sit their final examinations would be double jeopardy,” he added.

He said that turning away pregnant girls would derail the gains of gender inclusiveness attained so far in reducing the disparity between girls and boys finishing an academic cycle.

“Therefore as guided by the ministry of education and sports, UNEB is calling on schools to register the pregnant girls to enable them to sit for their final examinations,” he said.


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