UnRuly UPDF Soldier Kills Security officers, Civilian in  Nansana

A UPDF soldier L/CCP O’Mara Dennis Awillo attached in areas of Nanasana has today morning shot over four people dead. The deceased included three soldiers and a civilian.

The UPDF together with the Ministry of Defence and veteran Affairs have since  commenced investigations under which their own L/Cpl OMara Dennis Awillo shot and killed two local defence unit personnel ,one civilian and one police special constable(PSC) this morning at Ganda Nansaba municipality, Wakiso district.

Omara was later also shot by his colleagues to prevent him from killing other people.

According to the statement released by defence office spokesman Deo Akiiki , the culprit was also gunned down in self defense .” the culprit was also gunned down in self defense and to stop his wanton action. ” read Deo’s statement.

He condemned the outrageous act of the lower commander against his surbodinates and extended condolences to those that lost their lives.

Deo added that investigations have commenced to ascertain what prompted Junior non commissioned officer Omara to shoot his colleagues.

He assured to give more details to the public about the incident.

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