UPDF solidier before court

UPDF Soldier Pleads Guilty to Murder Charges, awaits conviction



Bobson Amutahaire a UPDF soldier has pleaded guilty to murder charges in an open court martial Rubirizi district and is waiting for sentencing from court.

The soldier appeared before the field court martial and charged with shooting six people and killing three instant died on Dec 27, 2020.

Prosecution alleges that Bobson Amutahaire  attached to 27 battalion in Rubirizi District went on rampage and shot three people dead in Nkondo village Karagara parish, Ryeru sub county Bunyaruguru Rubirizi District and left three others  in critical condition.

The murdered were identified Conrad Mayi 22, Oliver Ninsiima 26, both members of the same family and residents of Nkondo Village, Karagara Parish Ryeru Sub County, and the third person was Scoviah Kazaire 50, a resident of Mubanda village Ryeru Sub County.

Prosecution adds that the soldier came at around 1am and wanted to enter people’s houses but they refused which forced the soldier to start shooting.

The UPDF soldier is now awaiting for the conviction from the public court martial where he is expected to be sentenced to life in prison.


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