Lt Col Ronald Kakurungu

UPDF Speaks Out On Soldiers Missing Mission Money

The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) has for the first time in many years spoken about the the delay in payment and missing money of Soldiers who are always sent on peace keeping mission in Somalia, Spyreports has learnt.

Last Friday this investigative online news paper broke a story how some UPDF Bosses were under fire for swindling soldiers mission Money.
In the story, the affected soldiers called up the President who also doubles as Commander in Chief to intervene and have their money paid.
The story came after a section of UPDF soldiers under battle group 30 claimed that their bosses could have swindled half of their mission money the reason why they were paid half of their mission allowances.

However, after the story went viral, UPDF Deputy Spokesperson Lt Col Ronald Kakurungu called and clarified on the delay of payments of allowances of Soldiers who went on mission. During a telephone interview, Col Kakurungu said the delay did not mean that some UPDF Bosses swindled Soldiers money on mission.

“I have contacted some finance directors in the Ministry of Defence and veteran Affairs to find out if Soldiers allowances were swindled,” says Col Kakurungu.  He adds that if was extensively informed that the allowances were never swindled but African Union delayed to pay the final payments.
“It’s actually not only battle group 30 that has not received their final payments but even other battle groups like 31, 32,33 and 34 are still demanding their final payments,” revealed Kakurungu.

He further urged demanding soldiers to remain calm and disciplined as African Union is preparing to pay their final allowances.
“Soldiers should not worry, their allowances will be paid soon,” he says.

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