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UPDF, URA officials Stage Robbery at Ware House in Kampala

Police in Kampala is hunting for a group of officials from Uganda Revenue authority and Uganda people’s defense forces soldiers for trying to rob from Indian investors in Kampala.

This was after police foiled them in an attempt to fleece business people of taxes at Dewenton Drive opposite spear house in Kampala by the suspects on the run.

This was at Mitsumi Computer garage Ltd workshop for Indian investors dealing in computers.
One driver identified as Cpl Isoke was apprehended and now under police custody while his accomplice is on the run.

Also on the run, are three suspects purportedly working with Uganda Revenue Authority who had made it a routine to extort money from these Investors.

13 Computers which were already loaded on the van purportedly due to the company’s
failures to pay taxes were impounded.

Also found at the scene were Uganda Revenue Authority seals and documents related to tax collection.

The army says it is working with Uganda Police Force, URA and owners of the warehouse to arrest the other remaining culprits on the run.

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