VIDEO: Priest Attacks Old Politicians Who Over Stay in Power

A priest in Entebbe has attacked old politicians who over stay in power thus denying the young people a chance to take on politics too.

The priest who has been identified as Fr. Herman Zziwa, the chaplain of the Catholic community at Nkumba University, says when a person grows older, his thinking and productivity start to shrink and in the end fails to add anything new to his leadership.

“I beg you politicians especially those who cling onto power please your services are no longer needed, kindly step aside and give a chance to fresh blood because you no longer have ideas to steer the country forward,” the priest said.

The priest further called upon the public to give a chance to people who offers themselves to serve the community because it is a manifestation that they can lead.

“Many people have attained PhDs while others are lawyers, doctors, but are fearing to stand for any elective position. When someone with less academic qualifications comes out they talk a lot, but before you start talking, what have you done with your PhD?”  Fr. Zziwa asked.

He further urged politicians to always fulfill what they promise in their manifestos once they take on power.

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