War In NRM As Lost Ministers Attack CEC Bosses


Serious war has erupted in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) the ruling party after  a section of lost Ministers have started accusing the members of Central Executive Committee (CEC) the highest decision making body in party  for their loss, Spyreports has exclusively established.

According to information released by the Electoral Commission in the recent concluded Parliamentary elections, over 20 Ministers lost their seats which they had conquered for over 20 years to majority Opposition parties especially those from National Unity Platform  (NUP)headed by Robert Kyagulanyi and other independent Candidates.

Intelligence reports coming from the NRM Party indicate that President Museveni who also doubles as the Chairman of the Party was very annoyed and bitter with his Ministers who lost to young people of NUP. Sources further say the tough President Museveni asked the Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda and Party Secretary General Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba to task the lost Ministers to explain what caused the huge loss.

“Actually the President is very bitter with the lost Ministers, he has not even called Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi to ask him what could have gone wrong. He only ordered Rugunda and Lumumba to task Ministers to explain their loss,” says a source from NRM.

The source says the President was very shocked when he was informed that all Ministers from Buganda Region lost their seats to NUP. “At first the President did not believe he sought he was given fake results not until he demanded true results from Electoral Commission,” says an insider from State House.

Another insider from State House told us that Jokingly the President said, Internet, Social Media and Watasp are all shut down so where did you get this funny Information. This cannot happen, at least I know some of my MPS from Buganda won massively,” a source quoted  President Museveni saying adding that if its true then his People would have betrayed him.

However, our sources inside NRM say some of the lost Ministers have accused the leaders at CEC to have played a very big role in their failure. “Am very honest and I will tell the President that some CEC Members for my failure in Kiboga,” a source from NRM quoted one of the lost NRM Members lamenting.

The source further says the lost NRM Minister revealed she lost her seat in Kiboga because a member at CEC decampaigned her because she did not support her during CEC elections. “When NRM held CEC elections, two members competed for the same post and I supported one and this annoyed another candidate and promised to fight me incase she wins the CEC Position,” a source quoted Kiboga lost Minister saying. The Minister added that when the other person went through, she went to Kiboga and decampaigned her publically.

Another Lost Minister from Buganda says some Members on Buganda caucus supported opposition leaders they had disagreed on who should have taken the position of Vice Chairman Buganda Region. “During CEC elections some people wanted to stand against Hajji Moses Kigongo and when we refused them from standing on that position, they turned against us and supported NUP members,” another Minister said. She says that during this election NRM ministers from Buganda Region hated one another that cost them their seats.

“In the recent elections, all Ministers and other NRM flag bearers used to support one another  and this is how we managed to defeat opposition but this time round we were enemies and this resulted into our failure,” another minister was head saying.

In side sources from NRM say lost Ministers added that if President Museveni does not bring back Unity in NRM as it used to be the Party is collapsing. “Even before elections some party members from Buganda like Naduli had started decampaigning NRM and President Museveni and how would you expect us to win. So we did not lose because we had no support but the enmity in the party cost us our seats,” says another Minister.

Another Minister added that Independent NRM members also contributed a lot to their failure because after beating them in Primaries, they stood against them. Sources say almost all Ministers who lost have not blamed themselves but the Party at large. Below is the full list of Lost Ministers.



1: Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi

2: Ephraim Kamuntu (Justice)

3: Mwesigwa Rukutana (Labour)

4: Ruth Nankabirwa(Chief Whip)

5: Simon Lokodo (Ethics)

6: Ronald Kibuule (Water)

7: Rosemary Sseninde(Education)

8:Chrysostom Muyingo ( Education ministry)

9: Haruna Kasolo (Microfinance)

10: Christopher Kibanzanga (Agriculture)

Baminisita abatasimattuse kalulu kabonna aka 2021-2026

Elioda Tumwesigye (Science and Technology)

Beatrice Anywar (Environment)

Amelia Kyambadde (Trade and Cooperative)

Nakiwala Kiyingi (Youth)

Beti Kamya(Lands)

Judith Nabakooba (ICT)

Kasirivu Atwooki (Vice Presidents office)

Isaac Musumba (Urban Planning)

Ernest Kiiza (Bunyoro Affairs)

Vincent Ssempijja (Agriculture)

Molly Kamukama

Jane Akiror (Teso Affairs)

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