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We don’t Have Unregistered Sim Cards-UCC

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has denied allegations that there are a number of active unregistered SIM cards in operation.

This follows after a one Moses Kawooya took to social media on Monday morning lashing out to the commission over failure to track criminals as they continue to send death threats to several Ugandans using unregistered Sim cards.

At least Members of Parliament, senior police officers including former police spokesperson Asan Kasingye and former Kampala South Police commander Siraje Bakaleke among others reported receiving threats from known people.

Ibrahim Bbosa, UCC’s consumer affairs manager refuted the claims on social media saying UCC issued a directive to all telecom companies to switch off all unregistered SIM cards and an audit of all telecom companies conducted to ensure there were no active unregistered Sim cards.

“A Commission directive is enforceable under the Law in Section 41 of the Uganda Communications Act which can lead to amount other sanctions, the suspension, and revocation of license.

“This is common knowledge among operators and keeps the industry in check,” Bbosa wrote.
The UCC recently issued stringent measures requiring customers acquiring, SIM upgrades, Replacement or new SIM Card to physically appear and present an original National Identification Card verified electronically using Biometrics to safeguard new registrations.

But Bbosa said that SIM cards that were registered during the phrase were individuals simply submitted National Identification Numbers (NINs) still exist on the network and are considered registered considering the guidelines prevailing at the time.

There was also reports that unscrupulous individuals exploited the opportunity to SIM cards using others peoples NINs.

However, Bbossa clarified that when a SIM card is disconnected from the network for whatever reason including Upgrades, Replacement, sim swaps among others re-connection demands a fresh registration.

“Telecom operators are encouraging customers to update their Know Your Customer (KYC) details at every opportunity,” he added.

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