Museveni, Kyanda, Kawagga and Muhanga

Why M7 Deployed UPDF Generals To Guard Kampala Votes


Shocking secrets why President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who also doubles as Commander In Chief (CIC) of armed forces deployed UPDF Generals to guard Kampala vote and general security has finally emerged to spyreports.

On the beginning of the 2021, President Museveni appointed a team of six trusted UPDF Generals to guard Kampala Vote and also head Kampala Metropolitan security that was previously the work of Uganda Police.

The team is headed by war hardened Gen Kayanja Muhanga. Other Generals on the team include, Maj. Gen. Sam Kawagga who works as Commander 1st Division based in Kakiri, Maj. Gen. Leopard Kyanda who is the Chief of Staff Land Forces, Maj. Gen. Abel Kanduho the head of Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Brig. Gen. CS Ddamulira who heads Crime Intelligence in Uganda Police and Brig Gen. JK Mukasa.

Intelligence sources revealed to spyreports that prior to their appointments; President Museveni chaired a high Command meeting where he was informed that there is a looming war in Kampala before and after elections.

“We received intelligence reports that there are more than 3 million people hiding in Kampala and its suburbs and they intend to chaos either close to elections or immediately after elections,” says a security source.

Another security source says their plan is either to block elections in Kampala or block electral commission from announcing the results. “You know Kampala has the highest number of voters in Uganda so if those goons block elections it means the whole election process in the Country is disrupted,” another top security chief tells spyreports.

Another high-ranking security officer says the heavy deployment of UPDF Generals in Kampala came after allegations of looming war in Kampala after elections. “If people sound that they are going to cause war after elections, it becomes the work of the UPDF not police so this is the reason why president Museveni instructed UPDF to take over Kampala security from Police,” Says another UPDF Senior officer.

An insider in Security adds that if chaos persists after elections, UPDF will not allow Electral Commission to announce the Presidential winner until the situation normalizes.

“If violence erupts after elections, UPDF will take charge of the Country until the situation normalizes and EC will later announce the Presidential winner,” another Top UPDF officer says adding that UPDF will not allow Ugandans to die.

Last year in Mbarara, RTD Gen Kahinda Otaffire who also doubles as the Minister for East Africa said, “If Bobi Wine wins 2021 presidential elections, he will not take over power and UPDF will be in charge of the Country,”

Recently, President Museveni said he had credible information that some people with the help of Electral Commission were planning to rig votes in Kampala, which he said he would not allow.

In his New Year address to the nation, a tough talking President Museveni said that he has credible intelligence information that several groups believed to be mainly in the opposition parties backed by foreigners, plan to destabilize the country and the elections.

“I am the head of the bush fighters. I have been leading them for the last 50 years since 1971. So we cannot allow the revolution of the people to be destroyed by crooks’. He stressed





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