Why President M7 Will Arrest Sacked ISO Boss Kaka

Shocking and confidential secrets have emerged why President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who also doubles as the Commander In Chief (CIC) of Armed Forces will finally order for the arrest and prosecution of sacked ISO Boss Col Kaka Frank Bagyenda, Spy Reports can exclusively report.

President Museveni over the weekend shocked the Nation when he sacked Kaka as ISO boss without prior notice and even with no official message as it has always been in security.

Intelligence sources revealed to us that prior to Kaka’s sacking, a confidential and reliable report that was complied by intelligence officers was handed over to the President pinning Kaka of subversive activities in the neighboring Country and giving false information to the President.

According to inside security sources, the confidential report was given to President in May this year and the team to probe the report was also instituted and the President tasked the team to give him a report in two months to allow him make the final decision on Kaka.

Security sources further revealed to us that the trusted team confirmed to the President that the confidential report was true. During their probe, it was  also discovered that Col Kaka was actually working with  some UPDF high-ranking officers in his subversive activities.

Intelligence, which was handed over to the President, shows that when Kaka retired from the active Military services in early 1990s, he never relocated to his home District of Ibanda but he shifted his base to Kalangala Island.

Sources added that Kaka’s relocation to Kalangala was geared by a senior UPDF Officer who was at that time commanding Anti Smuggling Unit and the pair has maintained personal relationship update. Insiders say the army officer who now holds the rank of  a General has a strong connection with top security chiefs in the neighboring Country and he operates several businesses inside that Country.

“It is more likely that Kaka was recruited by that neighboring Country to carry out their mission even before he was appointed ISO Boss. We even suspect that during his reign as ISO boss he was doing the same,” says a security officer.

Reliable and credible security sources told us that when Kaka was appointed ISO boss in 2016, in his first meeting with ISO Management he proposed the idea of removing the post of Gobolola Internal Security chiefs (GISOS). Insiders in ISO told us that the management rejected his idea claiming GISOS play a very fundamental role in the Security of the Country.

Our spies in  Security added that when ISO Management rejected Kaka’s idea of removing the position of GISOS , he turned the heat on some top leaders which he finally removed from their positions. Sources say Kaka weakened the department of Operations, which is responsible for Counter terrorism and insurgency by removing directors time after time. The report says that within three years of his leadership he made seven changes.

Security sources say at the time of Kaka’s appointment, Operations was headed by Lt Col. Oluka currently the new ISO boss who he later fired over disagreements in operation procedures.

Our sources added that after removing Lt Oluka, Kaka appointed several officers to head operations in a period of less that two years   and they included Lt Col. Were, Maj. Joel Agaba, Lt Col.Gafa, Lt Col. Serubiri, Capt. Jones Rugumya and the current Director Lt Col. Ndawula.

Insiders added that, Col. Kaka rendered the most experienced officers in counter-terrorism who are Maj. Emmy Mwesigwa and Capt. Chinyai redundant for three years yet their expertise and experience was very critical in  operations.

Security sources say Col. Kaka continued to operate with people who are highly suspected to be intelligence agents for the neighboring Country despite  strong views expressed by  ISO staff about them; Col. Kaka retained  them as very close allies.

Intelligence officers say Kaka appointed Alfred Idusso, as Chief Technical Officer of the Cyber Unit at ISO, yet Internal Counter Intelligence directorate carried out a background check on him and established that Alfred Idussois closely related to Johnstone Busigye the Attorney General of that Country.

Security sources Alfred added that  Idusso  once confessed how he was responsible for helping Intelligence Services of another Country  to install  dropping equipment in all prisons to monitor discussions among prisoners.

Other Operatives from another Country known in the Intelligence community that Col Kaka worked with include, one Mbabazi a lady who works with Uganda Police in CID  and deployed at the Forensic Laboratory.  Mbabazi is married to a senior UPDF officer whose identity is yet to be established.

Insiders added that Col Kaka fabricated information that some members from the first family and other top security were planning to a couple against President Museveni and even assassinate him. Sources added that the information was later proved false and fabricated by Kaka. Sources added that this could be the reason why President Museveni fired Kaka and why he could even arrest and prosecute him.

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