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Woman 52 Years Camps at David Lutalo Parents over Child Neglect

There was drama at Kiwogozi village in Luwero district after a 52 year old woman attacked the home singer David Lutalo’s parents accusing him of child neglect.

Paul Kangave the Savana regional police spokesperson says Josephine Naluwoza 52 year old and resident of Mbiko LC1 Njeru S/C Buikwe district was accusing David Lutalo of neglecting a child they had together a 31 year old Musoke Ronald in 1987.

Kangave adds that Naluwoza went and threatened Lutalo parents in Kiwogozi Luwero district.

Lutalo reported the matter to police and the suspect on arrest and conducting mental examination was found with a mental illness called Delusional Disorder.

She has been charged with criminal trespass and Defamation

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