Zahara Totto Ends Romance with International Con Star Don Solo

Zahara Totto has ended her romance with international con star Don Solo after he ran bankrupt, j reveals.

Don Solo is a regular jailbird. This comes days after tax body Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) impounded the BMW he gifted her some time last year. We understand the car was stolen from neighbouring Congo.

Close sources tell us Don Solo- real names Tony Taban Suleman- is so broke and could soon be arrested over debts.

“He is down financially, he’s got no money at all,” a close source told us.

We understand Solo has debts from money lenders worth millions.
For example, NBS TV presenter Agatha Loswash’s baby daddy, Sam Akampumuza demands him Shs15 million.

He also has various unpaid bills from bars.

He has a bill of Shs9 million at Illusion night club. Industrial Area based Guvnor demands him Shs7 million.

He also has a bill of Shs3 million at LaParoni bar and another of Shs2.4 million at Nomad bar.

These are just some of the many unpaid bills he is choking on.

We can further confirm that the fella is on the verge of eviction from Seruweza Apartments in Kyanja where he rents. They are demanding him $2500 (around Shs9 million).

Currently Don Solo even has no means of transport since he has no cash to rent a car. All the posh
vehicles he’s been cruising around town are actually rented, and not his as he’s been claiming.

“Its that bad,” the source added.
While he has been going around claiming to be a Nigerian, we can confirm that he is actually from South Sudan.

He is a cousin to jailed Gen. Malong.

However he cannot step foot in Sudan as he’s wanted there.
This applies to Australia as well.

Since 2015, he has been on Australia’s most wanted list.
He is wanted in relation to several deceptions at various banks in Melbourne. He allegedly used stolen cheques to make deposits at banks in Sunshine, Burwood East and Melbourne CBD.

His arrest warrant was issued in mid 2015.
His face was published by Australia Crime Stoppers Chief executive, Samantha Hunter. According to Ms Hunter, a reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to Don Solo’s arrest is available.

He has been on the run since then, trotting the globe conning unsuspecting individuals and companies.
In 2019, Sky Hotel in Naguru dragged Don Solo to police over an unpaid bill.

He is reported to have fled the hotel in the company of his then girlfriend Zahara Totto before clearing their bill amounting to over $1000.
He offered the hotel an expired driving licence and a fake business card as security before disappearing.
And when hotel management reminded him of his bill, he instead went on the defensive threatening the hotel general manager.

A case under SD Ref: 39/28/10/2019 was opened at Kiira Road.
More fraud cases are set to be opened against him.

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