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Panga Weilding Men Raid Kitezi, Force People to Flee their Homes

Residents of Kitezi village Nangabo zone Kasangati in Wakiso district are living in total panic and fear after unknown people raided the area which forced people to flee their homes, spyreports has exclusively established.
Some of the area residents whom we interviewed said they are scared about the life of their neighbor Hajjara Nagadya who fled her home together with her husband and family after unknown people wanted to kill her.
“We don’t know where this woman is living now, she abandoned her home after unknown people threatened her several times,” says one mama Abi a close neighbor. She says some unknown people who have been pursing her raided her home at time with unknown intentions but they found when she had already fled the home.
“Its so worrying that police is doing nothing, she is not the first, our other neighbor accross was attacked with pangas together with his wife and father and they almot lost their lives, their car was also taken.” Said Mummy Abi
Mrs. Kabugo Sandra one of her close friends who we got on phone told us that some unknown people have been trailing Hajara for close to a year with intentions of killing her and when they failed to get her, they have now turned the pressure to her family members
“The whole family is now  living in fear. We don’t know the intention why these people are trailing her, she however recalls that this all relates to family property”.
They have reported several cases to police but no help so far has been extended to them.
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