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Plot To Arrest CID Boss Obwana Over Shs 200M Bribe Leak

Detectives attached to the Anti Corruption Unit headed by President Museveni’s right hand Lady Lt Col Edith Nakalema have finalised plans to arrest the Deputy CID Director in charge of Special Investigations SCP Joseph Obwana, Spyreports has exclusively established.

Security sources close to Col Nakalema revealed to spyreports last night that they have gathered credible evidence that Link Obwana to shs 200m bribe that he got from tycoon Alarm to help him evict people from their land in Kasanda.

Recently Nakalema arrested and charged top police officers who received money from the tycoon to seal off his land related scandals.

Insiders in security added that after the arrest of top police officers and the tycoon, they got more intelligence how Obwana was behind all the move and how he got shs 200m.

“We informed Afande Nakalema how Obwana was involved and he should be arrested and charged,” said a source from Anti Corruption Unit.

The source however said Nakalema could not arrest Obwana because of his high rank in Police.

Sources say Nakakema met Grace Akullo who is the over all supervisor of Obwana and the duo shared some Information.

Sources said that Akullo told Nakalema she could not allow Obwana to be arrested without informing IGP.

Insiders say Akullo called IGP Ochola and briefed him about the plot to have Obwana arrested by Nakalema.

Sources added that IGP ordered for the facts before Obwana is arrested.

“The facts were lacking some proof and Obwana would win the case in court,” says a source adding that he halted his arrest.

Sources further said that Nakalema pleaded with IGP to have Obwana suspended because he had started blocking investigations.

Sources say IGP agreed with Nakalema and he suspended Obwana from office pending investigations.

We have now been briefed that investigations are over and any time from now he is likely to be arrested.

However we could not get official comment from police Authority as PRO Enanga and Grace Akullo failed to pick our calls several times.

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