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Plot to Fire Kafeero From Kampala Metropolitan Police Leak

The Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola has finalized plans to sack the Commander of Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) CP Moses Kabugo Kafeero after he received intelligence briefing that he failed to handle city operations which has resulted into increase in crimes, Spyreports has exclusively learnt.

The decision to fire Kafeero from KMP was reached on last week during a security meeting held in Kampala.

Sources say the tough meeting was attended by IGP Martin Okoth Ochola, Deputy IGP Gen Sabiit Muzeyi, 1ST Division Commander Gen Kawaga, CMI Boss Brig.Abel Kanduho, recently UPDF officers that were deployed in Police among others

“This man Kafeero has failed to handle Kampala, he has never carried out a successful operation with out the army. Other Commanders like Late Kaweesi, Frank Mwesigwa and even Bakaleke used to do successful operations so Kafero needs to be replaced,” a UPDF General was quoted saying during the meeting.

Another security source said Kafeero has no qualities of a commander citing several deployments where he has failed as a commander.

“Kafeero was first deployed as Regional Police Commander (RPC) Kampala South during Kayihura regime and failed to crack down thugs in Katwe an Makindye areas, he was taken to Police training school in Kabalye where he produced half trained police officers and the President Complained. He was later transferred to Police senior command school in Bwebbajja and failed to handle and now he has failed KMP,” said another top security chief.

“To show that Kafeero is not a commander, he failed to avail us with a complete security plan for the last concluded Uganda Martyrs day in Namugongo. He came late for the meeting and when we asked him to show us the security plan, he referred us to his deputy and it was just two days to the day,” said another UPDF Commander.

The Commander added that when Kafero failed to show security plan, UPDF, SFC, ISO and CMI took over the event and provided the necessary security to make sure pilgrims were safe and secure.

Insiders who attended the meeting told us that some security chiefs first disagreed on Kafeero replacement as some wanted him to be replaced by UPDF officer at the rank of Col while others said he should be replaced by a hard working police officer.

“I think Kafero should be replaced by his Deputy Denis Namuwoza who is so operational and has worked in Kampala as DPC, RPC and Now Deputy KMP. He has enough experience in Kampala and he is still strong and energetic,” added another Security Chief.

The Insider said by the close of the meeting, all security chiefs agreed to have Kafero removed from KMP but his replacement will be determined by another high security meeting that will be attended by Inspector General of Police, Chief of Defence Forces, CMI, ISO, Security Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs.

The insider added that the last meeting to fire Kafeero will be held very soon and after that meeting the message for Kafeero replacement will be issued.

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