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Police Boss Fired From Force Over Alcohol

The Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola has ordered for the sacking of police officer who was recently captured on video destroying police files and breaking windows of the police station.

The sacked officer has been identified as Kanyesigye Nathan attached to Butambala Police Station.

Last week Kanyesigye reported on night duty while drunk and started destroying police files and other properties. His colleagues captured him on video using smart phones, the clip went viral, and tarnished the image of Uganda Police force.

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said after the clip went viral, Inspector General of Police Okoth Ochola instructed Professional Standards Unit (PSU) to carry out investigations and later write a report before he takes action.

Enanga says PSU made a report and recommended for his sacking for the high level of indiscipline. “After PSU recommended for his sacking, IGP ordered Kanyesigye to appear before police disciplinary court for action,” says Police spokesperson adding that the court ruled that he should be sacked from the force.

Police spokesperson added that PSU is also investigating another police officer who was sleeping on duty with his mouth widely open. “If investigations find out that he was also drunk, he is likely to be sacked from the force,” he says

Enanga added that IGP has warned all police officers who are involved in committing crimes especially when they are at work. “There is no room for indiscipline officers in the force. Who ever is found drunk at what ever rank while on duty will be sacked from the force,” says part of the warning IGP issued recently.

Recently President Museveni said all police officers who are involved in crimes should be arrested, sentenced to Luzira prison and should never work in any government office.

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