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Police Boss Kasingye Gives away his Daughter in Style

The Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Asan Kasingye who also doubles as the Director In charge of Political Commissariat on Saturday treated his thousands of VIP guests at his home based in Kashari Mbarara District while giving away her lovely daughter Sandra Kasingye.

Sources who attended the marvelous function told spyreports that all roads heading to his home were jammed with expensive cars.
“Almost all top Government officials from all government sectors attended the traditional function of Afande Kasingye,” said one of police officer who attended.

He further says Afande Kasingye did not discriminate as most of top police bosses do. “when a high ranking police officer makes a wedding or Kuhingira you find most guests are from police which Afande Kasingye avoided at his home. He called all VIPS from all corners,” the high ranking police officer said.

He added that Kasingye treated local people with high respect. “Most local people were invited and they showed him love and this showed us Kampala People that  Kasingye is a ground person,”says another guest.

Traffic Director AIGP Stephen Kasiima and Katushabe Winston Commissioner Ministry of works

He added that all drinks and eats were in full swing as no body complained .
“Drinks ranging from Obushera, milk, wine,sprits,beers among others were served. Everybody would take a drink of his or her choice,”adds another invited guest.

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