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Police, Security Agencies Clash Over BOU Investigations

A serious rift has erupted between the Uganda Police force and its sister security agencies over the investigations of Bank of Uganda currency saga, we have established.

Our intelligence sources told us last night that the clash started immediately after Bank of Uganda officials were arrested on Friday.

Sources further say police wants to take over investigations since the case is criminal nature. “Police is responsible for handling all criminal cases in Uganda at all levels,” a source from CID told us.

Other security sources revealed to us that Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Internal Security organization (ISO) and Anti Corruption Unit in State House led by Lt Col Edith Nakalema also want to independently investigate the matter.

“We were instructed by the President to handle this matter so we must investigate it our selves and later make a comprehensive report which we shall submit to him to take final action against the suspects,” CMI invesigator says.

He further said CMI can only pull out of this investigation when the President instructs them to do so. “When the President instructs CMI to handle some assignment, we don’t do it with other security agencies because our investigations are confidential, they are not like police investigations which are public.”

Anti-Corruption Unit in State house has also shown interest in investigating the matter since it falls under the corruption category. “President formed this unit to specifically handle corruption in Uganda especially when it comes to Government officials so we don’t need police help in investigating this matter,” says a source from State house.

Press statement issued by Edith Nakalema

The source added that so far their Unit has handled more than 100 corruption cases and several Government officials have been charged in courts of law. “President instructed us to handle Bank of Uganda corruption saga and to make sure anybody involved is arrested and charged,” adds another state house.

State house source further narrated to us that even the Governor Bank of Uganda Professor Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile personally wrote to Afande Nakalema to take action about some Bank of Uganda bosses involved in the saga.

“Why do you think Mutebile didn’t write to Director CID, CMI or ISO to handle the matter? Why do you think he opted to write to Nakalema?” another State House source added.

However police Spokesperson Fred Enanga while addressing the media today at police headquarters in Nagura Kampala said the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID) has taken over the inquires and investigations surrounding Bank of Uganda saga. Enanga said police will work with Anti Corruption Unit in State House to accomplish the investigations.

Police spokesperson confirmed that URA, ENHAS, UN and USAID officials have been summoned to record statements which will help in investigations.




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