Pregnant Mother Kidnapped By Land Grabbers

The daughter-in-law of Mzee Joseph Baguma, who was recently violently evicted together with his children, by businessman Emmanuel Ruhakana, has gone missing.
A family member says efforts to trace Catherine Nababinge a wife to Richard Buhigiro have not been successful.
“That night, they beat her up until they thought she was dead but in the morning she told me she pretended to be dead and that was how she survived. We have been facing occasional attacks and sometimes she would tell me how gun-brandishing-men occasionally come to her in my absence and threaten to kill or at times attempt to rape her.
“They have always warned of dire consequences if she doesn’t leave this land,” a visibly scared family member who requested not to be named for her own safety, said.
The member said Nababinge had vowed not to leave her husband’s ancestral land despite all the threats and attempts on her life but the attackers have also been equally resilient.
Nababinge’s husband Richard Buhigiro said he was not at home on the fateful night otherwise the killers had come for him and the wife.
He says he had gone for a business trip upcountry when the attackers stormed his home and razed his house, stole his cows and burnt all other neighboring houses belonging to his father and siblings including household items they could come across.
“I am so disturbed because I don’t know where to run or whom to talk to except my family members. I am scared of everything including my own shadow since I am not sure when they will strike again. Worse of all, my wife with whom we were sharing ideas is nowhere and I am not sure whether she is dead or alive. But if she is alive I don’t wish her to be anywhere in Uganda because these people appear determined to finish us all,” a seemingly distraught Buhigiro narrated.
He said his wife has left him with two very young children Jeremiah and Jayson aged three and one years respectively.
He further revealed that his wife disappeared while pregnant and her relatives are on his case.
He said he has survived the attackers twice and the recent one being Wednesday evening when they found his car at a friend’s place and vandalized it, attacked his friend to force him reveal his (Buhigiro’s) whereabouts and warned of serious consequences if they ever land on him.
Buhigiro presented a catchy of police and court documents in which he and his father Joseph Baguma have been struggling to convince police, court and the Ministry of Lands that businessman Ruhakana illegally acquired this land, but all in vain.
He said the fight for this land dates as far back as 2014 when his Aunt Jemimah Wadda unsuccessfully tried to steal a land title from his grandfather so that she can claim ownership of the whole piece alone.
He said his grandfather Ignatius Kaboi always kept a close eye of his land tittle whenever Wadda was around until he died under unclear circumstances.
He said the family believes Wadda had a hand in this death but authorities couldn’t investigate her because of her connections.
The land in question measures 235 acres and is registered as Freehold Register Volume 90 Folio 7 at Nsubire Lwengo in Bukoto Sub-county Masaka district.
It is on Block 380 Plot 7. Buhigiro said because he is the most loved son of his father, he always drafted for him letters to petition police, lands office and other authorities.
Among the documents he drafted in this fight is a letter dated October 11, 2016 to the commandant Land Protection Unit at Kibuli Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) complaining about the Sembabule District Police Commander’s siding with his tormentors and arresting his workers.
“I Joseph Baguma of Senyange village reported to Rwebitakuli police post three cases committed at my home under LWB/SD/08/21/12/2014, stealing cattle, SD REF:07/26/01/2015 Criminal trespass, SD/03/06/02/2015 criminal Trespass.
Sir, on the morning of Thursday at around 3:30am, four persons in military uniform attacked my home in Senyange, beat up my people and a fight broke out.Few minutes later the DPC Sembabule also ordered him to arrest my workers.
My request to this office therefore is to prevail on the DPC Sembabule so that this file can be brought to this office for better management,” reads in part Baguma’s complaint which was never addressed.
The other complaint was made immediately after the eviction on October 3, 2016 in which Baguma together with his sisters; Josephine Odeke, Kansiime Jane and Umurungi sought the intervention and clarification on the status of ownership from the Ministry of Lands in this matter.
The ministry through its Commissioner Robert Kizza Kankaka informed them that the land was transferred into Wadda and her husband Umar Wadda’s names who later sold it to Ruhakana.
He said efforts to have a caveat lodged to prevent any further transfer or subdivision were thwarted by Ministry of lands officials.
He said the killers are still hunting for him and his wife Nababinge, if they have not caught up with her already, and called upon the international community to prevail over Uganda to protect its citizens against armed thugs currently on rampage.

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