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President Museveni Grills Security Chiefs Over Dr Agaba’s Murder

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Tuesday grilled his top security chiefs over the murder of IHK Doctor Catherine Agaba and the rampant city riots which have paralyzed businesses in Kampala and surrounding suburbs.

According to the information obtained from State House sources, President Museveni grilled his chiefs for close to six hours during the meeting that was held at State House Entebbe. The tough meeting started at around 11:30am and ended close to 7:00pm.

“All security chiefs were summoned on Monday night through a radio message to come for a security meeting on Tuesday at exactly 11:00am without fail,” a security source told us adding that none of them was allowed to step at airport to join President Museveni while receiving two Uganda Airlines.

State House sources added that by 10:00am all security chiefs had reached state house boardroom waiting for the Commander In Chief to address the meeting.

“We started checking security chiefs by 8:00am and the last chief to come was CMI Boss Brig. Abel Kanduho who came at around 10:00am,” said SFC Officer who was at check point.


Special Forces Command officers revealed to Spyreports that after President Museveni finalized his speech at Airport, he entered his armored car and went to State House. Officers added that he used the upper gate from Lake Victoria Hotel which he rarely uses.

“The president arrived at state house at around 11:15am, rested for like 30 minutes and later joined his chiefs for a tough meeting in casual wear” said another SFC officer who is part of the President’s convoy.


At around 11:40am as all Security chiefs introduced themselves before the President.

“After introduction the President started the meeting with a tough and rough face,” said a security source.

The source says the President tasked CMI, ISO and Police to explain why they failed to save Dr Agaba’s life who went missing for close to two weeks.  “When information started circulating on social media that Dr Agaba went missing, I told all of you to work together and save her life and you did nothing,” a security source quoted tough Museveni saying.

President Museveni accused his chiefs for not sharing information about sensitive cases during investigations leading to failures.

“I ordered you to share information about the late Suzan Magara and save her but you refused and the little gal ended up being killed after the ransom was taken,” Added President Museveni.

“If you were sharing information this little Dr would not have died. How could a dead body spend three days in a septic tank without security knowing? What is the role of ISO and crime intelligence? Why couldn’t you deploy spies around apartments where this young girl was residing,” he asked.

“Was the girl murdered at her residence or people brought the body and paid security guard to dump it in septic tank,” President Museveni questioned.

“If you had deployed spies around her residence, you would have seen the girl coming back or could have seen people bring her body or they could have heard the fight among the two and probably could have helped,” he added.




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