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Rescued Rev Charged Over Faking Kidnap, Giving False Information

Police has charged rescued Rev Isaac Mwesigwa for giving false information and faking his own kidnap which put tension on security bodies.

Charles Twine, public relations officer CID told us that investigators have completed all their investigations on Rev’s File and drafting a charge sheet saying that they are left with taking him to Nakawa court tomorrow morning.

“We are done with our investigations, the file is complete and a charge sheet has been drafted, its only that we couldn’t take him to appear in court this after noon as it was late because courts always receive files in the morning and the suspect appears in the after noon,” says  Charles Twine.

Charles added that Rev Isaac Mwesigwa has been charged with giving false information contrary to section 115 of the penal code act after all the evidence both scientific, visual and others gathered by detectives are available.

Last week we published a story showing how police detectives who were investigating the disappearance of Rev Mwesiga indicated that the man of God will be charged with faking his own kidnap.

The CID PRO added that Rev Mwesigwa even after recovering him maintained that he was kidnapped which prompted  police investigators to beg him to tell the truth so that he could be saved as the man of God but stubbornly retained his first statement of being kidnapped.

The officers decided to prove him wrong when they showed him all his movements on their CCTV Cameras where he came drove his vehicle and parked at Kampala Executive hotel in Sonde on the 12th Feb, 2020. He then jumped on a boda boda which took him to Seeta Mukono where he entered into a taxi that dropped him in Iganga. The CCTV show that the Reverend boarded a lorry from Iganga to Soroti and after reaching Soroti, he was seen requesting boda boda guys to take him to a nearby church.

Charles Twine added that upon seeing all scientific evidence, Rev accepted and acknowledged to having given police false information saying that no one kidnapped him but rather he intended to seek for public sympathy from people he owed a lot of money.

“I have too many debts from different money lenders. I thought by faking my kidnap the money lenders would sympathize with me by extending a grace period to pay them back,” says Rev Mwesigwa.

The former Archbishop Rev Stanley  Ntagali posted on his twitter account that Rev Isaac Mwesigwa who went missing on 09/02/2020 was found at St Peter’s Cathedral Soroti three days later and was brought to him at Timishi Hotel, Soroti.

“We started using our CCTV cameras on the highways after getting information of his vehicle he used but to our surprise, cameras showed him abandoning his vehicle and jumping on the motorcycle,” says one of the investigators who asked not to be named.

Our spies added they opted to keep that information with security only because they feared that he could have been with his own problems that may lead to his death. He added that after receiving news that he was found alive in Soroti, we are going to summon him to record statements with us and show him our camera footages showing his movements.

On Monday this week Fred Enanga, the police’s mouth piece said that Rev. Mwesigwa first claimed that while driving his car Number UAR 468B, he was ambushed by some people who intercepted him and forced him to open his car.

“We want to investigate this matter to its logical conclusion to establish what led him to fake kidnap of himself and how he reached to his friend’s home in Soroti,”adds another investigator.

Rev Isaac Mwesigwa 37 years of age   hails from Gomba District and is a student at Uganda Christian University UCU Mukono.




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