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Security Arrests 60 In Kampala For Defying Presidential Directive On Curfew

Joint security task force teams last night arrested 60 people in Kampala metropolitan area for defying a presidential directive on Curfew.

Patrick Onyango the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson told us that security patrolled the whole of Kampala and no serious incidents were recorded apart from the arrest of 60 who tried to defy the presidential directive.

“Most people had settled at their homes by 7:00PM and the few who had not made it home by then due to unavoidable circumstances, were willingly and keenly able to do so shortly after the curfew hour.”He said.

The Security Forces and other government structures had conducted a series of community policing and sensitization prior to the curfew hour.

The Security Joint Task Force on implementation of COVID-19 directives/guidelines recognized the important role that most media houses played in sensitizing and reminding the population about the significance of the curfew and the need to be home by 7:00PM.

Nevertheless, there were very few people in Kampala Metropolitan Policing Area, 60 in number, who tried to defy the curfew meant to protect the country from the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of those defying at Kasimbiri trading center, in Wakiso town council, unfortunately got injured when he tried to physically attack a police officer on duty.

The 60 suspects currently detained in different Police stations and will be charged accordingly, depending on circumstances under which they were arrested. Furthermore, a few vehicles were impounded at checkpoints.

Onyango also urged people to start their journeys early in order to avoid panic.

“We beseech Ugandans to start their return to their homes on time to avoid panicky movements, running around and carelessly crossing roads as well as haste driving, for those authorized to drive, that can lead to accidents. Let us remain safe from other dangers as we fight COVID-19 threat in Uganda.” He said.

The Security Forces are looking forward to working together with the people to ensure that together we can defeat COVID-19 in Uganda.


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