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Security Divides Kampala Metropolitan to Curb Down Crime

Security has divided Kampala metropolitan area into several divisions to curb down the increasing crime that has put citizens and security into total panic, Spyreports has learnt.

The new plans were announced by the Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj.Gen Sabiit Muzeyi while addressing press at police headquarters in Naguru Kampala suburb.

Early this week, President Museveni directed Gen Sabiit Muzeyi to give him a comprehensive plan to combat down the increasing crime in Kampala in just two days, which Gen Muzeyi did without fail.

“The new plan will have registration and marking of residences and streets in a bid to enhance quick response from security in case of any attack,” Says Gen Muzeyi while addressing the media.

Gen Muzeyi further says Kampala Metropolitan area will be divided into policing zones or security constituencies and each police station or post will have  published call lines, reaction forces and linkage to all stations and posts as well as cameras where there is a distress.

“Registration and marking of streets and residences will help enhance quick response but also lighting of streets, residences and other premises where affordable will greatly help security,” He revealed.

Police Chief further says security will continue profiling hardcore criminals and would be put on watch list to ensure they do not commit any more crimes.

“We shall ensure there is effective investigations and prosecution of criminals such that they are not set free by courts of law,” he adds.

“We shall have a talk with Judiciary and office of the DPP to have new modalities on how to handle violent criminals. For this matter we shall have dedicated prosecutors and judicial officers to handle these criminals,” he says

He, however, urged the public to make use of the numbers of the police posts and stations provided to relay on information about criminals to security officers for quick response

“We shall ensure the new measures work but those officers who fail to act on the new measures will have action taken against them,” he warned.

In his directive early this week, Museveni said the gangs are not so sophisticated and that they can easily be wiped out.

“These are gangs we shall easily defeat. That is what we did with the Kiddawalime gang in Masaka, the gang of Bukomero, the gang of Entebbe etc. It is easy to defeat these gangs. Their crimes will only add to the credit of the NRM because we are going to defeat them. Yet, the People have already seen the bankruptcy and the criminality of these groups and those who back them,” he said.

Recently, residents in the greater Kampala Metropolitan area suffered at the hands of criminal gangs operating using guns, pangas and iron bars.

On October 10, a group of six men armed with machetes and iron bars attacked the home of Allan Mwesigwa,a banker in Kajjansi Town Council before taking off with mobile phones, television sets and other home appliances.

On September 26, thugs beat up security guards at the premises of Doing Good, an NGO in Bulange, Lubaga division before breaking into the premises where foreign nationals mostly women were living.

They were stabbed and valuable items including phones and laptops plus cash worth shs26 million taken.

Later, when police intervened, two guns including an SAR and a AK47 rifle were recovered following a raid on a hideout where the thugs used to stay.

On October 9, a group of six assailants including a woman attacked a maize processing factory in Buloba, Wakiso district and disarmed a security guard, before taking off with cash and property.




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