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Security Hunts Five Corona Virus Patients As Immigration Bosses Face Arrest

Security at Entebbe International Airport has started the hunt of five more corona Virus patients who tested positive last night and could not report to Entebbe Grade B hospital for isolation, Spyreports has learnt.  Insiders at the hospital told us that the number of corona Virus Patients so far has reached to over 14 people.

Reliable sources at the Airport say that five who are now hunted by Police and Internal Security Organization (ISO) were part of the 84 Passengers who jetted into the Country Last Saturday by Ethiopian Airways.

Sources added that when the plane landed, all passengers gave out samples and left their passports and other details with the authorities for more information about their results. Sources say results of eight people tested positive for corona virus by yesterday were called and are now under isolation.

“Today morning results of more five people also tested positive for Corona Virus and when they tried to call them back to be put under isolation, they failed to respond positively and some switched off their mobile phones,” says a source at Grade B Hospital.

“We are likely to have all the results of 84 passengers test positive for Corona Virus and this will be very dangerous to Uganda,” says another medical Doctor. He says all patients are now spreading the virus to the population meaning that by the end of this month we are like have more than 40 Corona Virus victims.

The source further says the hospital management later reported the matter to Police and ISO for action. “We gave all their particulars to security for proper tracking and arrest,” says another Hospital staff.

A security source whom we talked to says ISO and Police are already in the field to have those people got and take them for isolation. The security source says some have been allocated to be in Kyengera, Mutungo, Kyebando and some parts of Bwaise.

“We are working around the clock to ensure that by the time the President addresses the Nation we already have them in our custody other wise we shall have some problem,” says another ISO operative

Meanwhile we have also been informed that President has ordered for investigations of all immigration bosses who were on duty last Saturday when Ethiopian Airlines dumped 84 passengers at the Airport and they were left to go.

Intelligence sources revealed to us that the President ordered for investigations after he was briefed that some passengers bribed immigration officials and failed to put them under forced quarantine.

“In the first address of the Nation, President ordered for forced quarantine of all passengers who enter the country for 14 days and how did those people leave the Airport before 14 days,” a security source says.

He added that if the investigations pin the officials, they are likely to be arrested and prosecuted.

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