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Shock as City Engineer Snatches National Water Boss from Her Husband, Silently Introduces Her

Top City Engineer has been put on spotlight for snatching a married woman and he is silently introducing her to his family, we have exclusively and reliably been informed. The Engineer has been identified Eng. Katarihwa Best Vianney and hails from Kabwohe Municipality Sheema District.

The woman who is secretly getting introduced is identified as Kenyangi Justine who works with National Water and Sewerage cooperation and is stationed at head offices in Kampala. She also hails from the same Municipality with her new husband. We have been confidently informed that the pair’s introduction which is under cover will take place in Sheema on Saturday, 18th next weekend.

We have learnt that Eng.Katarihwa is also still married to a  Muganda woman from Luwero with three children.

Close pals narrate that the pair has been hooking up for five years now and having live sex. They added that Kenyangi revealed how her old husband could not manage her family financially and sexually.

“I can not stay with a man who does not give money and when we reach in bed he is so boring,” she told one of her friends adding that the current Fiancé is so smart in everything.

“Eng. Has got work and I can not let him go and I have to fight for him paka last,” she added.

According to Kenyangi’s relatives, she is still married to Mugasha Collins, a business man for over 15 years and mother to four children two boy and two girls residing in Kitintale Luzira, Nakawa Division Kampala District.

“Am very shocked and surprised when I was informed that Kenyangi is going to introduce another Man in the village on this Saturday. I want to find out who that man is and where will she leave her children,” One of her close relatives told us. She added that when she tried to ask about the details of her new husband, she was told wait the real day.

“My Sister told me that Kenyangi is bring us a new Muko come Saturday 18th so we should get ready to welcome them.”

Kenyangi’s brother who prefers to stay anonymous, says he was not told before but was lately invited for the introduction.

“Can You imagine my elder Sister called me last Sunday telling me how we have an introduction function at home in Bushenyi for Kenyangi and she will no longer be with Mr. Collins due to their family issues.”

A copy of the Pledge Card

“I was so shocked by the news of Kenyangi introducing a new man. Am wondering how old that Man is when Kenyangi is almost clocking 40 years. Where will she leave her four Children? Will that man take care of their children? This so shocking and I may not attend the function because it so embarrassing and humiliating our family,” said the Brother.

When we interviewed Rose the Elder Sister she said she is against that introduction.  “I have advised Kenyangi not to leave her children but she has refused so as family we are not ready for it,” she confirmed.

Best man Speak Out

When contacted Andrew Muhwezi whom Katarihwa chose as his best man he confirmed to us how Eng.Katarihwa called him on phone and informed him about the function. “Actually this man is my cousin but we had spent almost eight years without meeting,” he said.

He added that after Easter period, he informed me how he was planning a function and wanted me to be part of it but did not reveal the function on Phone.  However last Saturday, Eng. Katarihwa sent me a pledge card on phone and asked me to contribute for him.

He further said he told him how he was not financially ok but promised him a vehicle and fuel to Bushenyi. “Eng. These days am not operating well finically but what I will do for you is to get car, put fuel and I escort you to Sheema for introduction,” he said adding he was planning to set off from Kampala on Friday.

Unfortunately, he told us that he cancelled his journey after he was informed how his Cousin Brother has snatched a married woman with four children.

“I cannot attend such function where I will look a fool. What if we are attacked at the function,” he said.

Mugasha’s Family Speaks Out.

When we talked to some family members of Mugasha Collins whose wife was snatched, they confirmed that they officially picked Kenyangi from her parents 15 years ago and paid their dowries.

“We paid heavily to have Kenyangi in our family so if she has decided to get married to another man, what we want is our dowries back and we shall even subject all our four kids to DNA and if results prove that they are ours then we shall let her go officially,” said one Mugasha’s uncles.

Kenyangi Justine speaks out

When we called her on phone, she confirmed getting married to Eng.Katarihwa but declined to show reason. “Yes I got family issues with my former husband which I cannot tell you on phone but the truth is am getting married,” she said as she hanged up her phone.

National Water Speaks Out

When interviewed Samuel he said National Water does not interfere with personal issues therefore cannot stop any staff from getting married.

“But as National Water we shall attend a party which has issues,’’ he said.





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