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Singer Bebe Cool, Catherine Kusasira Blocked From State House

New presidential advisor for Kampala who also doubles as a musician Catherine Kusasira and Moses Ssali aka Bebe cool were last week blocked from state house as they tried to seek an appointment with President Museveni.

According to our statehouse spies, Bebe cool and Kusasira went to Nakasero recently to seek an appointment with the president on the on going preparations where Museveni wants to meet all artists, Drama actors and comedians next month.

“Why do you want to always meet the president only you two on behalf of all the artists in Uganda?  Why why why,” a state house official was quoted asking the two singers.

“Show us evidence that you are backed by all Ugandan artists , drama actors and comedians or that they authorized you  to plan for them in this coming function of meeting the president?,” Another official was also quoted asking the two singers.

Our state house spies added that they told the two singers openly that their time is over with the president and they will not make any appointment and program with him anymore through this office.

“You people have over stepped on people’s toes and taken the president for granted but we are watching your actions and soon your era is ending,” adds another official from statehouse.

Our spies revealed how statehouse house officials made a report to the president of how the two singers divert the money they get from statehouse to do their own business and make the targeted beneficiaries to hate the government.

Statehouse has instructed singer Daniel  Kazibwe aka Ragga Dee and Emma Carlos who will be assisted by  Sophie Gombya  the chair person of Uganda Music Association to coordinate all the musicians, drama actors and comedians for the scheduled meeting with the president.

Statehouse officials also said that Bebe cool and Kusasira will always meet the head of state in public gathering but not inside state house or to be put on program of state house to meet him.

“We are done with them unless the president orders us to bring them,” says a state house official who asked not to be named adding that the two singers had even started disrespecting workers whenever they would come to see the president because they thought they are special from other Ugandans.






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