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Top Police Boss Faces Disciplinary Over Corruption

Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Hajji Moses Balimwoyo who was recently transferred from the Directorate of Human Resource on allegations of corruption and taken to Directorate of Interpol may soon face disciplinary action after intelligence reports revealed how he failed to implement a directive from his bosses, Spyreports has learnt.

Insiders in police told us that two months back, State house instructed AIGP Grace Akullo the Director in charge of Criminal Investigations to remove Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Johnson Olal who also doubles as CID Commander for Kampala Metropolitan from CID on corruption allegations and case mismanagement.

When Grace Akullo received instructions from State House, she also wrote to AIGP Balimwoyo to transfer Olal from CID to General duties. However, sources say that Balimwoyo had a brief conversation with Olal and later halted his transfer.

Intelligence sources revealed to us that two weeks ago State House called Grace Akullo to explain why Olal was still in CID despite receiving directives.

“I called AIGP Moses Balimwoyo to revert Olal from CID to general duties since he headed Human Resource and Administration but I still don’t know why he refused to revert Olal,” a source quoted Grace Akullo responding to call from State House.

Security sources say State House later instructed Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj.Gen Sabiit Muzeyi to find out why Balimwoyo refused to revert Olal yet he had received instructions from Director CID.

Police sources based at Naguru revealed to us that two days before he was sacked, Gen Sabiit summoned him to his office to explain why he failed to revert Olal yet he had instructions. Sources added that Balimwoyo in his defense said he had misplaced the letter from Director CID requesting him to revert Olal to general duties.

Insiders in police told us that Gen Sabiit instructed investigations on Balimwoyo and to face Disciplinary actions.





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