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Transport Paralyzed As Floods Cut off City Roads

Hundreds of people in Kampala could not reach their workstations on time today as floods cut off several roads joining Kampala. Some of the people we talked to say the heavy rains started as early as 5:00am and stopped by 10:00am.

“I normally reach my work station as early as 7:00am but I left home at around 8:00am and it was still raining,” says one Aisha from Kajjansi adding that when she reached Zana it was a no go zone area as floods cut off the Entebbe high way.

“No body could cross Zana heading to Kampala even vehicles had to stop for close to one hour. Floods were almost 10fts up some small vehicles that tempered to cross were swallowed by the running floods,” another resident from Entebbe told us.

Some of the vehicles that got stuck on the road due to the floods

Residents who also hail from Kawempe, Bombo areas also say you could not cross Bwaise by 7:00am because of heavy floods.

“We got stuck at Bwaise for almost one hour. All roads both main and short cuts were blocked by floods,” says Lillian who operates a shop in Kikubo Kampala.

She says for the whole of last week her sales declined by almost 30% because of heavy rains. “I used to reach my shop my 7:00am and leave by 9:00pmp but  because of rain I either reach late or leave early because of rain and this has made my sales to drop by a heavy percentage,” she states.

When we talked to hundreds of people who operate small-scale business in Kampala especially at Arua Park, Owin and Ham shopping mall in down town they said all their businesses are falling because of rain.

“We used to start cooking by 4:00am such that by 6:00am break fast is ready but now we start cooking at 7:00am because of rain and this has made us lose money in the morning because our customers start eating as early as 6:00am,” says Waiswa a hotel Business along Arua Park.


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