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Update Sim Card Registration Records-UCC calls out

The Uganda Communications Commission has instructed all telecommunication providers to validate and update existing subscriber SIM registration information to insure full compliance with SIM card registration guidelines.

This comes after the UCC officials agreed that there was an immediate need for updating and aligning SIM card registration information in line with industry guidelines to improve integrity and provide a secure communication Eco-system.

The procedure will affect a few registered customers that will be contacted by their different service providers through SMS, phone call and IVR messages.

The issues that the operators are required to address include;

Subscribers with un-known numbers (MSISDNS) registered against their NIN.

SIM cards registered with both names and NIN of a known person but not the SIM card holder- this is common with people who did not have National IDS at the time of the last registration.

SIM cards registered with subscriber’s name, but NIN is of another known person.

SM cards registered with a subscriber’s name but NIN is of a known but unavailable person- this is common with people who used the 197 registration method and just submitted a random NIN.

SIM card registered with the name of unknown person, but the NIN is of current subscriber.

SIM registration or SIM swap for persons with no bio metric capability e.g persons with special needs.

Registrations on single NIN above the approved limit across networks. The recommendation is 10 SIM cards per NIN.

Misalignment of subscriber registration information and Mobile money KYC data.

UCC is optimistic that the process will weed out any possible irregular SIM card registrations. However, the Commission requests all service providers to publicly share the means or number of communication they will use.

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