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UPDF Generals Get New Pips

Uganda Peoples Defence Forces has introduced new pips for all officers from the rank of Brigadier to full General to match with East African standards, spyreports has learnt.

According to insiders in UPDF, new pips were given to officers after Terahe Sita celebrations that were held last week in Nakaseke District. “All officers from Brig.General to General were given new pips and new Uniforms with badges of their Directorates on the left side,” says one of the UPDF Generals.

The General added that the budge will help other officers to know which unit you command or belong. “When you are in Airforce, you have the air force budge, when you are in SFC you have the budge on your Uniform and this will ease identification and even respect from other senior officers,” he says.

Recently in an interview with UPDF Spokesperson Brig.Gen. Karemire said that UPDF introduced new pips for senior officers, which match East African Standards.  “In UPDF a Brigadier is one star General but old ranks would not show one Star General,” he says adding it would be so hard to tell that the individual is a Brigadier.

He further says that a full General in UPDF has 4 stars sword, stick and coat of arms but the old pips would show only two stars. “Our new ranks clearly show that this is a Brig with one star, Maj Gen with two stars,Lt Gen with three stars and Gen with four stars,” says Karemire.

“At times when we would attend East African functions, we would end up saluting our juniors from other Countries because our pips would not match East African standards,” he added saying the ranks of Maj. General in Tanzania look the same of full General in Uganda.

“We used to have a challenge of identifying which unit or division a UPDF officer belongs to if you meet him or her on Kampala streets,” says Gen.Karemire during an interview.

He further says that every Divison will have its own Uniform and each Unit in that Division will also have a different budge for easy identification. “If I am now walking on the streets of Kampala I can easily identify that this officer belongs to 1st Division and he or she is attached to this Unit as long he is putting on UPDF Uniform, “ he says.

“If am in Mbarara and meet an officer attached to medical department of 4th Division I can easily stop and ask him what he is doing in Mbarara. If he is on special duty he can show the letter but if he fails, I can call his boss and notify him that your officer by the names of so and so has escaped and he is in Mbarara,” he says adding that it has been so difficult if you meet an officer in Mbarara and you tell which Division and Unit he belongs to in UPDF.









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