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UPDF Generals Who Have Tested Jail For Eyeing M7 Seat

It is always the wish of Every UPDF officer to retire from the force when he or she has reached the highest rank, which is the four star General. However some of them  who have attained that rank have ended up in jail for trying to use their powers and offices they hold  to over throw their Commander in Chief who still needs to be in that seat for a while.

Highly placed intelligence sources say President Museveni has always nurtured, promoted and groomed a section of UPDF officers to the highest ranks but at the end, he arrests them and later throw them out of security circles.

Sources revealed to us that during the love time, President Museveni gives them all security powers, money and top responsibilities and the public normally sees them as untouchables.

“When these officers are still in good books with President Museveni, you may think that they are the next presidents because their orders are not questioned by anybody in this government,” says a military source.

The source says they are the ones who make top decisions on high command, cabinet and other decisions in government bodies. The military source further says these Generals do not live longer with President and he ends up arresting and charging them in Military Court Martial.

Intelligence sources say the top Generals want to turn against their Commander in Chief and take his seat, end up being arrested, charged and dumped out of the cake. “The reason why President Museveni ends badly with his long trusted generals is that they want to use their powers to overthrow him from power yet he also needs it,” another military source says. Below is the list of UPDF Top Officers who have enjoyed President Museveni regime but end up military Court martial.

Gen David Sejusa aka Tinyefuza.

He was the former coordinator of military intelligence in UPDF and was among the feared Generals. Gen Sejusa joined President Museveni in the bush in 1982 together Gen Jim Muhwezi Katugugu.

According to military sources, Gen Sejusa has enjoyed good life under President Museveni regime. Being a lawyer, he would advice President Museveni on several military issues. He was also a member of high Command the highest decision making body of UPDF.

Gen Sejusa was used by President Museveni to arrest Dr Kiiza Besigye along Busega in Kampala as he was coming from Rukungiri. Military sources say Gen Sejusa fell out with President Museveni after he said a group of UPDF and top government officials were to be killed for opposing Muhoozi project.

When the information linked, some media houses like Red Pepper and Daily Monitor were closed for publishing the information. Gen Sejusa later fled out of the Country fearing for his life. He went to UK where spent some time and later returned.

He was later arrested and charged in military Court Martial by Late Gen Levi Karuhanga. He later challenged his illegal stay in the Military and court allowed him to leave the force however, UPDF has failed to release him from Military. He is currently not seeing eye to eye with President Museveni.

Gen Kale Kayihura.

He was the Former Inspector General of Police for close to 13 years. He was appointed in 2005 and sacked in 2018 and was replaced by his Deputy Martin Okoth Ochola. Kayihura like any other Military officer joined the bush in 1985 one year before they captured power.

Gen Kayihura has enjoyed good life ever since this government came to power. He first served as ADC to Gen Salim Saleh the young Brother to President Museveni. He later joined Uganda Revenue Authority and later joined Police. He replaced Gen Edward Katumba Wamala.

Kayihura Joined Police when he was at the rank of Brig.Gen but by the time, he was sacked had obtained the rank of General that is the highest rank in UPDF. General Kayihura was royal to President Museveni and had all the security powers. No body doubted or questioned his orders both in Police and in Army.

“Gen Kayihura would determine the appointment, promotion of any top Government officials’ including Military officers. He even had powers to nominate ministers and the President would not reject his proposals,” says a high security chief.

However, President Museveni sacked Kayihura for the position of IGP on Twitter not even in a radio message. He was later arrested by CMI and was picked from his Country Home in Kashagama Lyantonde District. Military sources say his arrest came after information emerged that he had plans to over throw his former boss. Kayihura was arrested with some police officers and charged in Military Court Martial based in Makindye.

He was later released on bail on tough conditions and security sources say he has been dumped out of security circles. He cannot even call or receive a call from President Museveni.

Gen Henry Tumukunde.

He is currently eyeing presidential seat come 2021 elections. Gen Tumukunde is referred as one of the most powerful and influential UPDF officers since 1986. He served in different capacity like Commander 4th Division, Headed Chieftaincy of Military intelligence, ISO among others.

Gen Tumukunde in 2005 was arrested and charged in court martial and was put under house arrest for over eight years. He was later released and put on Katebi for some time. Around 2015 he was appointed NRM mobilizer for western and Eastern Regions. He participated in the elections that gave President Museveni landslide Victory.

He was later appointed Security Minister where he clashed many criminal gangs in Kampala. Gen Tumukunde developed issues with Gen Kayihura and were all sacked on the same day. Tumukunde was replaced by Gen Elly Tumwine.  Recently Tumukunde while appearing on some radio talk shows, he made some statements that caused him problems. He was arrested with treason and remanded to Luzira where he spent close to two months.  He is currently out on bail battling with the case.

RTD Col Dr Kiiza Besigye.

He is the founder of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) the main opposition party in Uganda and hails from Rukungiri District in Western Uganda. Besigye has always given President Museveni sleepless nights when it comes to elections.

He has stood against his former boss in the Presidential race for the last four times and loses with less margin and he has always complained of vote rigging. Military sources say Besigye joined President Museveni in 1982 after abandoning his juicy job as a doctor in Nairobi. Security sources say when they captured power in 1986; Besigye enjoyed this government than anybody else. He was President Museveni blue eyed boy who would do all sensitive assignments.

Sources say Besigye and Museveni fell out when he showed interest of standing against him. Besigye went into exile in South Africa and when he returned, was arrested by Gen Sejusa in Busega, he was tried in Court Martial and later dumped out of President Museveni security Circles.

Besigye has always said that he loved President Museveni more than everybody else because he dumped his fat job in Nairobi and joined him in the Bush when President Museveni had nothing. “I loved President Museveni than any other Ugandan because I joined him when he was poor,” Besigye has always said adding that those who claim to love him just need money from him.

Maj. General Late James Kazini.

He was the former Army Commander of UPDF for close to five years. He replaced Gen Jeje Odongo. Gen Kazini was murdered by his former girl friend Draru in single roomed house in Kisugu, Makindye Division Kampala District. Draru was later convicted to 14 years in Luzira.

Military sources say Gen Kazini was one of the most feared UPDF General and his orders were not questionable. “Gen Kazini was a combatant soldier and would not lose any battle. He fought rebels in Rwenzori Mountain and even fought them in Kisangani in Congo,” says a top security officer.

The officer says President Museveni had a lot of trust in Kazini and he would do all is military assignments. The source added that President Museveni later sacked him from his position as Army Commander after he got information that Kazini was about to wage a coup on him. He was replaced by Late Gen Aronda Nyakirima.

Gen Kazini was later arrested together with Gen Lakara who was the Chief of staff by then and were tried in Military Court Martial in Makindye on several charges. Before his death, Gen Kazini would not see eye to eye with President Museveni.

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