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URA Boss Cited in Shs 3 Bn Expired Sugar Scandal, Faces Arrest

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who also doubles as the appointing Authority has ordered the New Commissioner of Uganda Revenue Authority Musinguzi Rujoki to work hand in hand with Police and investigate Sarah Kasheka Mwesigye after he was briefed that she ordered for the re-bagging of expired sugar and later sold to Ugandan Market, Spyreports has exclusively established.

Sarah Mwesigye acts as commissioner compliance and business analysis in the Uganda Revenue Authority the leading tax body collector in Uganda.

According to information and documents obtained and seen by Spyreports around 2012, Olam Company, one of the business companies in Uganda imported 2300 tones of sugar from Thailand, which was later discovered to have been expired.

“The sugar over stayed in the stores for a long time and it finally got expired,” says one of the sources at the Uganda Revenue Authority.

The source says when Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) knew about it, it recommended that the sugar wasnot fit for human consumption and there fore should be destroyed.

Sources say John Paul Musimani who was the executive Director UNBS by then said that the labeling information of the date of manufacture and expiry should be maintained. He further instructed that the exercise should be supervised by officials from UNBS.

Insiders at URA told us that Sarah Mwesigye who acted as Assistant Commissioner Field Service ignored the advice and instructions from UNBS and ordered for the re-bagging of sugar with new labels and the date of manufacture and expiry changed.

According to the letter, which obtained a copy, Sarah Mwesigye in December 2012, instructed the Import Manager of Olam Company to re-bag 2300 Tones of sugar and be re-sold. “She ordered for the re-bagging of alleged expired sugar after having a personal understanding with Olam Company but following instructions and guidance from UNBS,” says another source from URA.

“Permission is hereby granted to re-bag 2300 MT from your bond W0081,” Reads part of the letter which Sarah Mwesigye wrote to Import Manager Olam Company.

Insiders say after full authorization of re-bagging of sugar by Sarah Mwesigye, it was sold to Kikubo one of the leading daily markets in Kampala and later traders complained to Kacita of expired sugar.

Sources say Kacita also raised issues to UNBS and the mater was referred to CID headquarters in Kibuli for investigations. The GEF/ 001/2013 was opened.

Sources from URA based in Nakawa told us that this is not the first time Sarah Mwesigye is implicated in multi billion scandals. “This woman was involved in expired tinned beer saga, she survived jail by a whisker,” says a close workmate to Sarah Mwesigye.

The source says in 2012, UNBS found out that over 22682 cartons of tinned beers from Uganda Breweries were not fit for human consumption and ordered for destruction. Insiders say the cartons were not fully destroyed and Sarah allegedly knew about it.

“This lady was called by police, recorded statements at CID Kibuli and at Special Investigations Unit (SIU) in Kireka. She was however released on police bond,” says another close friend to her.

The friend added that she fought the battle and was saved by Mike Chibita who was by then Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) who closed her file.


When spyreports interviewed Sarah Mwesigye at her office in Nakawa about the re-bagging of alleged expired sugar, she could not deny neither did she accept.

“What I can acknowledge is my name and signature of that letter but I need a copy to find more about it,” she says during an extensive interview.

Spyreports later forwarded her a copy of the letter for her to understand more about the scandal. She later said re-bagging of products is authorized by UNBS not URA. “Since the story is way back in 2012 just give me one day to cross check with Kampala branch and I will give full details of my side,” she said.

She says some people in URA are fighting her because she showed interest in taking Dickson Kateshumbwa’s job. “People at URA have always fought me but I have won the battle. They wanted me to be arrested in beer saga but I was saved by Mike Chibata who helped me and closed the file,” she said during interview at her office

Shockingly, and surprisingly the following day, Sarah Mwesigye responded in an intimidating way by saying “This later was edited so be careful not to be used,” says through whatsapp conversation.

She went ahead and said if we want the official letter, she wrote, we should write to URA because it is the procedure. “Prepare for the Consequences of defamation if you go ahead with the story,” she says via whatsapp conversation.

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