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Vice President Gilbert Bukenya Escapes Arrest, Police Impounds His Vehicles Over Political Rally

The former Vice President of Uganda, Prof Gilbert Bukenya escaped police arrest after had organised a political gathering of over 600 people at his home in Kakiri, Wakiso district.

Accordiing to KMP spokes person Patrick Onyango, Prof. Bukenya used taxis to ferry people without following the Ministry of Health guidelines of carrying half capacity.

“We all know taxis are supposed to carry half capacity but this guideline was totally violated.” Onyango said.

He adds that It was purely a political rally with campaign posters reading vote Prof.Gilbert Bukenya for MP 2021-2026 and yet at the moment, political gathering are not allowed.

“We talked to him to abandon the idea but he refused. We deployed in and around his home to deter him from engaging in illegal activities. He then shifted his plan and rally to Masulita but again we got information about it.” Onyango noted.

Police then went to Masulita and found people gathering and had to disperse them using tear gas.

“We impounded three of his taxis that were ferrying people without observing the set guidelines of half the capacity of the vehicle. We are now investigating a case of doing acts likely to spread infectious disease which is corona virus.” Onyango said.

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