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Whats Wrong With Nantaba Recording A Statement At Her Home

By our reporter

Justice and constitutional affairs minister Rtd Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire has challenged the Uganda police force especially the head investigations Director to give a justified reason for failing to go to Nantaba’s home to record her statement.

Kahinda Otafiire remarks comes after police openly came out and said that it cannot go to Nantaba’s home to record a statement saying that they cant be comfortable than when she has found them at their offices.

“We   can’t go to Hon Nantaba’s home as she stated in her letter because it’s

Hon. Nantaba Idah

not professional saying that they would have wished  her to come to our investigators record statement and then go back to her home,” said Enanga.

Gen Otafiire added that if Nantaba told police that she is insecure being at police for statement recording and she is willing to answer what ever you ask her and also not in hiding, why can’t police go and take her statement from her home.

However our sources in Kibuli have told us that the minister of internal affairs has already directed the Director Criminal investigations department AIGP Grace Akullo on how she should record Nantaba’s statement.

Our source who did not tell us how the directive from the minister states confirmed that Nantaba must record a statement and also a body guard whom she had will record his also.

“Don’t mind about the directive from our line minister on how, when and where to record a statement from Nantaba but knows she must record a statement,” said our source at CID Kibuli.

Gen Otafiire revealed how on several occasions  has recorded statements with police officers at his home and while all enjoying tea and he has never failed to answer whatever they would ask him.

Police officers want to mess up Nantaba case by making unnecessary excuses when actually they would have so far reached far in establishing what happened but instead they are harassing her with phone calls instead of going to her home, record whatever you want from her.

Last week Hon Nantaba said that she had gotten orders from the president not to move out of her house because killers might still be following her adding she was unable to report for statement recording at CID headquarters in Kibuli that if police needed her statement, they should go to her home but something police has not accepted.


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