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Why M7 Changed SFC Command

Shocking secrets have emerged why President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who also doubles as the Commander in Chief of armed Forces changed the command of the Special Forces Command (SFC). Last night, President Museveni removed Maj. General Don Nabasa as SFC Commander and replaced him with Maj. General James Birungi. According to a radio Message, Gen. Nabasa was sent for one year strategic course at National Strategic Course based in China.

Gen Nabasa took over SFC leadership from Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba in 2017. Gen Muhoozi is now Presidential Advisor on special Operations. In Just two years, Don Nabasa was promoted from Col to Maj General which is rarely done in the army.

However some intelligence sources have revealed to us that President Museveni has been under pressure from both opposition and NRM Members of Parliament to remove Don from SFC. “This man Don Nabasa harasses us so much whenever the President calls us at State House Entebbe for meetings. He does not respect us as Ministers,” one of the senior Cabinet Ministers told us.

The Minister adds that at one time, Don Nabasa put NRM Secretary General Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba under arrest for close to two hours at State House Entebbe. “We have always complained to the President about Nabasa’s conducts. Whenever we go to state house his boys mishandle us as if we are terrorists who want to attack the President,” another top NRM boss intimated to us adding that the President has always said he will talk to him.

Insiders added that ever since Nabasa commanded the raid on Parliament where several Members of Parliament were severally injured, his relation with Mps and other Ministers worsened thus calling for his removal from SFC. Intelligence sources further told us that at one time Speaker Kadaga complained about Nabasa before the President during the meeting at State house.

Reliable sources also told us that SFC operatives have also been mistreating UPDF officers guarding top UPDF Generals. “When Muhoozi was still commanding SFC, we used to enter SFC and stop at the last gate but when Don came in, he changed the whole system,” one of the escorts guarding a top General told us.

“The person we guard carries a higher rank than Don but the way they mistreat us is not good,” he added. The guard further added they also complained to their boss how some SFC soldiers mistreat them when ever they are at state house.

However other sources close to President Museveni told us Maj Gen Don Nabasa was sent for the final course to replace Lt Gen. Peter Elwelu who is the commander of Land forces. Gen Elwelu will retire from the army in 2023.

“Gen Don Nabasa is so operational and that is the reason why President Museveni has always promoted him time and again,” a UPDF General told us. He adds that Don is so fast whenever he is given any assignment.  “When Don is sent for an operation, he conducts it very first and he succeeds,” another top ranking UPDF officer added.

He says Don has installed discipline in Special Forces for the two years he has commanded.  “When Muhoozi was still SFC boss discipline was at lower level but when Don came in SFC officers are now the most disciplined. You no longer find them drunk in Kitooro during day time as they used to do during Muhoozi regime,” UPDF General says.


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