Late Barbra Zalwango Was Poisoned, UBA Bank Bosses in Spotlight

New information has emerged surrounding the death of late Barbra Zalwango a former worker with the United Bank of Africa.
Police mouthpiece for Kampala metropolitan Luke Owoyesigire says a medical report from Government Analytical laboratory confirmed that Zalwango died of poison.
Owoyesigire added that police is still investigating all the allegations surrounding Zalwango’s death to ensure that justice prevails on her side.
However, an independent source at the CID says detectives are trying to find out UBA Bank officials immediately closed her account after getting information that she had just disappeared.
Detectives are also trying to establish why UBA bank did not wait for Zalwango to be buried and managed to get a replacement in shortest time possible.
“We are interested in finding out why the bank management was rushing with its radical decisions. Ideally when your employee dies at least you wait for that person to be buried but for UBA it was as if they had prepared for her replacement even when we had not discovered her body.” one the investigators intimated to us.
It is also alleged that the management did not send condolences to help in the burial arrangements of its staff and that condolences messages were not given during her send off.
It is alleged that the deceased who was in charge of anti-fraud department had developed a misunderstanding with his senior bosses over a deal gone bad worth hundreds of millions of shillings.
The bosses were subsequently grilled at Central police station and later released in the evening shortly after her burial.
Zalwango’s body was found in one of the gardens in Katwe village in Nakisinga sub-county in Mukono district.
Mulangira Kyanabakka, Zalwango’s grandfather said a bottle and a knife were found next to the body.
Zalwango, a resident of Entebbe in Wakiso district had disappeared in the evening of October 7.

Kayihura Charged with Kidnapping Enemies of Kagame and handing them to Kigali

Former Inspector General of Police Gen Edward Kale Kayihura has this morning been charged with kidnappings and failure to protect war materials.
Prosecution led by Maj Raphael Mugisha told court that Gen Kayihura while in office as Inspector General of police failed to protect military materials and also failed to account for fire arms, contrary to provisions of the UPDF Act.
It is indicated that on several occasions Gen Kayihura between the year 2010 and 2018 allowed use of arms and ammunition to unauthorized persons who are the members of the Boda boda 2010 led by their patron Abdullah Kitata.
Gen Kayihura is also accused of failing to provide accountability for arms and ammunition in the various Police units including the Flying Squad Unit, Witness Protection Unit and Crime Intelligence Directorate all headed by his former blue eyed boys.
He was also charged with aiding and abetting kidnapping from Uganda, contrary to Section 19 of the Penal Code Act.
Prosecution side also told the fully packed court room that between, 2012 and 2016 Kayihura aided and abetted the actions of subordinate police officers and others, to kidnap and illegally repatriate Rwandan refugees and Ugandan citizens to Rwanda.
The victims were identified as Lt Joel Mutabazi former president Paul Kagame bodyguard, Sergeant Innocent Kalisa and Jackson Karemera.
The former police boss however denied all charges brought against him.
Court was adjourned to August 28 next Tuesday after prosecution told court that investigations in this matter are still ongoing.

Heavy Military Deployment As Gen Kayihura Appears at Military Court Martial

Former Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura is currently at the General Court Martial in Makindye.
Former bush war General Kayihura who has been under custody for two months arrived clad in his Uganda People’s Defence Forces uniform being chauffeured in a four star army green land cruiser with a military patrol vehicle.
Earlier in the morning, Kayihura’s lawyers led by Joseph Matsiko, Elson Karuhanga, Peter Kabatsi and Jet Tumwebaze arrived at the military court martial.
Also present were his relatives clad in black t-shirts with inscriptions that read, “We Stand with General Kale Kayihura,” amid very tight security surveillance manned by Military police personnels.
Kale as he is fondly called by his peers was on June 13, 2018 arrested from his farm in Kashagama in Lyantonde district by the deputy chief of Defence Forces Lt. General Wilson Mbadi.
This was after he was dropped as Inspector General of Police by the appointing authority on March 05, 2018 ending his thirteen reign as the police boss.
He was succeeded by his deputy John Martin Okoth Ochola.

How Military Bowed Out of Bobi Treason Case

Military General Court martial sitting in Gulu barracks has this morning released Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine .
According to a correspondence written by the Director of public prosecution Mike Chibita to the judge advocate general court martial he advised that Kyagulanyi should be added to the charge sheet of other 33 suspects currently facing trial in civil courts.
Chibita added that in his understanding the two cases originate from the same set of facts adding that it would amount to double jeopardy if Bobi Wine is tried in two separate courts over cases that originate from the same facts.
“Please consider letting hon Sentamu face trial in the high court rather than before the court martial.” Chibita said.
Today Court headed by general military court martial Chairman Gen Andrew Gutti dropped all charges related to illegal possession of fire arms which he described as “unfair.”
He was however, picked up immediately and taken to the Gulu Chief Magistrates Court, where he was to be charged with Treason along with his colleagues

100 Suspects Rounded up In Bobi Wine Riots to be charged in Court tomorrow

Over 100 suspects will tomorrow Thursday be charged at Buganda road court and other courts outside Kampala over illegal demonstration and inciting violence in areas of Kampala, Katwe and Mukono.
The case file has been sanctioned by area residence state Attorneys.
Police on Monday arrested at least 123 people involved in the riots in Kampala, Mukono and Katwe while the biggest number was picked from the notorious Kisekka Market and a few from the outskirts of Kampala City.
After the screening of the suspects, many have been released by police and those who remained are believed to have participated in inciting and stoning police officers and destroying property during operation to calm down the situation.
Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire says suspects will appear tomorrow in Buganda road, Makindye and Mukono magistrates’ courts.
Luke added that, “we are going to be out in massive force and basically we are going to be patrolling the streets to ensure that we protect property. Therefore I call upon citizens to find lawful means of expressing their emotions rather than violating the law,”

Police Impounds Lorry Full of Old Tyres for Burning Kampala

Police says it has intercepted a syndicate of riot planners who were found in possession of dozens of machetes, marijuana and old tyres which they were reportedly planning to use to burn the city.
Patrick Onyango the deputy police spokesperson says the truck full of old and used car tyres were intercepted after some of the group members tipped police about their fellows who were planning to raze down Kampala city.
“The owners of the truck were being sought for questioning .A numbers of suspects are in custody as investigations into the tyre burning and arson continues. Onyango said.

Some of the machetes recovered from planners of the riots

It is reported that areas targeted by rioters who are demonstrating against the arrest of Bobi Wine include Kasangati, Gayaza, Katwe, Mukono, Kamwokya and Kisekka.
Onyango added that the situation is currently under control and urged Ugandans to avoid engaging in acts of violence and economic sabotage.

Museveni Sweeps away security chiefs in Arua

President Museveni the commander in chief of armed forces has suspended the entire security leadership in Arua district following the incident that saw his car stoned by opposition supporters.
The president says the Arua district Internal Security organization (DISO) has been removed and will be replaced by a new one. He also follows the transfer of the district police commander who was also replaced by SP Kintu from Masaka district.
He maintains that the problem in Arua was caused by Bobi Wine’s group together with Kasiano Wadri, who attacked him something he describes as a useless action because he is protected and that he can defend himself.
He explains that the more serious issue is the group he also terms as chronically indisciplined people attacking women and children, destroying people’s property.
“Who is Bobi Wine or anybody to beat our people and for what? Watch the videos of Jinja and Bugiri, which are attached to this post. Should that happen in Uganda and why”.Museveni wonders.
The head of state further said that If the Army had not intervened in Arua, a lot of people would have been killed by Bobi Wine group saying that they had gathered stones, knives and that there were reports of even guns.
“Why is it that we have never heard of any incident where the NRM supporters have ever attacked the Opposition supporters? Do you remember how the Bobi Wines were attacking the other MPs in Parliament? Are we to allow them to attack the Wanainchi in similar ways?”.
“How about assaulting soldiers or policemen? Do you remember the policeman, Ariong, who died from a stone throw? The security forces should be commended for saving mass deaths in spite of the fact that many of them were not equipped for anti-riot”.
“Nevertheless, they managed to subdue, without shooting these violent characters who were trying to attack them as you saw their conduct in Parliament. I will study more the issue of the driver who died”.
Museveni noted that Hon. Zake’s story is that he colluded with nurses to escape from the hospital in Arua where he had been taken after his violent confrontation with the security forces.
“The Police have not moved to rearrest him because he resurfaced in a hospital in Kampala. Let him recover, the charges still await him. Resisting arrest is disobeying a lawful order. It is punishable by a sentence of imprisonment for two years”.
“Those who pretend to support the Opposition are misleading them by failing to advise them to stop intimidating and attacking Ugandans. The Ugandans, led by us, will resist them”.
“The limited counter-attack in Arua of arresting and putting in lawful custody the perpetrators that are suspected to have attacked people, like it happened in Jinja, Bugiri etc, should send a warning to those who are in the habit of miscalculating”.
This group has been putting on red to signify their intention to shed blood; and they have been putting on Army red berets to signify their intention of using military means. We have ignored those threatening signals.
“However, to threaten Ugandans by words and to actually attack them by stones, clubs and guns will not be tolerated. To rape women because they are NRM, or, indeed, raping any woman, qualify one for a death sentence in the Law Courts of Uganda”.
“If you do not see these as problems, then you are a fascist. The Security forces must be commended because they saved mass deaths by dispersing these misguided people without using rifle fire, considering the fact that many of them were not equipped for anti- riot duties notwithstanding.
He explained that Kassiano Wadri, on the other hand, who should not have been in the company of such violent people, did not change residences and did not engage in hand to hand combat with security forces, from the reports he got.
“His mistake may be to organize and participate in such a violent procession and to import illegal voters. The court will decide according to the evidence. Stop supporting impunity, stop supporting election cheating, and stop supporting violence whatever side you are on”.
Museveni further revealed that he investigating the circumstances of the driver of Bobi Wine who died.
“In certain circumstances, the Police can use live bullets if they are not equipped with anti-riot equipment and the rioters are on the verge of killing innocent people. That is also possible”.

Heartless Mother murders own son, dumps Body in septic Tank

Detectives at Katwe police are holding a heartless woman on allegations of murdering her own son and dumping the body in a septic tank.
The septic tank belongs to the boyfriend whom the mother had gone to visit.
She has been identified as Irene Nantume 26 a resident of Massajja Kubiri B zone Sabagabo in Makindye division and the deceased as Joram 07 Years.
Fred Eriku the officer in charge criminal investigation at Katwe police says Nantume had escaped from her husband Charles Kirumira after deceiving him that she had gone to visit her aunt.
Nantume and his new boyfriend not yet identified are reported to have hatched a plan to kill the baby boy such that he could marry her.
After the pair killed the boy and dumping the body into the septic tank, Nantume secretly picked the body and took it back to his father and covered it in a bed.
This was discovered by neighbors because of bad stanch from the house and forcefully went to check inside.
The neighbors tried to kill Nantume but were saved by LC officials who called in police and rushed her to Katwe police station.
She is being charged with murder vide SD 58/18/08/2018.

Museveni: Bobi Wine Must Pay for Terrorism in Arua

President Museveni has conceded defeat in Arua municipality by an independent candidate but warned that the perpetrators of election violence that saw loss of life should be charged by courts of law.
President Museveni in another statement issued this Thursday after said the election was relatively peaceful because the organizers of violence and criminality had been apprehended by police and the military.
Museveni however says security is investigating the allegations that some candidates had imported illegal voters from other areas to the municipality.
He added that the Opposition has been doing this repeatedly, such as in Jinja East and Bugiri Municipality.
Read Full statement
Countrymen, Countrywomen, especially the Bazukulu (grand-children). Greetings. The elections in Arua Municipality were held peacefully because the organizers of violence and criminality had been arrested. 
The independent, the Hon. Kassiano Wadri, was declared the winner and the Hon. Nusura Tiperu of the NRM was number two. 
 This is a step-forward, to have elections without violence, without threats. Nobody has got a right to intimidate a Ugandan by word or action.
Nevertheless, the violence of the previous days had had the most negative effect. Out of the 46,000 registered voters, only 16,000 turned out to vote. Only 34% of the electorate. The others either feared to come to vote or the register is full of ghosts. 
We are now investigating the allegations that some candidates had imported illegal voters from other areas to the municipality. The Opposition has been doing this repeatedly, such as in Jinja East and Bugiri Municipality. 
 The NRM agents have got a weakness of not auditing the voters’ registers in time to discover these imported voters. In the case of Arua Municipality, there is an allegation that the illegal voters were brought to the attention of the Electoral Commission but that it did not pay heed. 
 This will be confirmed or disproved. A voter should only vote from where he resides or from where he originates. Therefore, the old man with a hat can only vote from Nakasero or Rwakitura.
The culture of violence and cheating in elections must end completely. The cases of Jinja East and Bugiri are in court for that very purpose. 
The cases of terrorism, damaging property, manslaughter etc against the Hons: Wadri, Bobi Wine, etc will continue. Their actions led to the death of a Ugandan, injury of a number of others and damage to property, so the allegations go. 
All those leaders, including the NRM members, should never encourage their supporters to violate the law, let alone themselves violating the law. 
 Processions through populated centres without co-ordination with the Police should never happen. I never organize processions. I always drive to and from the rally site in my convoy. Sometimes, only the boda boda riders join me.
 The convoy moves fairly fast to the rally site and from the rally site, never touching the passers-by, the property of the people or the convoys of the other candidates. 
 In the elections of 2016, my convoy to Nambole met the one of Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi around the Naguru area. We just waved at one another and that was all. 
Why should a Ugandan be beaten, intimidated or have his property or life destroyed on account of politics? With uncontrolled violence in elections, many voters will fear to go for voting. This will mean the disenfranchisement of Ugandans. 
 Why, then, did the Ugandans shed their blood? It was in order for them to run their country through fair and free elections. I will defend that right today and tomorrow as I did in the past. 
 On the side of the NRM, many of the actors need to distance themselves from egoism. The NRM is about principles: Patriotism, Pan-Africanism, Social- Economic Transformation and Democracy. 
 Anybody who supports these, you should support if he/she emerges as the flag- bearer of the NRM. Not to support a flag-bearer for any reason, when you are a leader, is a failure of leadership. When you support the cause instead of supporting individual interests, your contribution will blossom, even if you meet potholes on the way.
 This has been my experience in the last 58 years. Support principles, not opportunism, you will triumph in the end. 

Seven arrested from Nasser Road for forging National IDS, Land Titles, and Driving permits

Kampala Police has arrested seven suspects for allegedly printing fake national IDs, legal documents and driving permits at Miracle House located on Nasser Road.
This followed after Police were tipped off about some individuals helping people to live illegally, acquire jobs, default taxes and drive without proper assessment by authorities in Uganda.
It is alleged the suspects were forging, printing items and selling them to both nationals and foreigners in the country.
The suspects were caught after an undercover officer managed to get acquainted with a member of the gang, soliciting his help to get an illegal land tittle.
The agent was asked to pay 1.2 million Uganda Shillings. On inquiring about the price of a National ID and a permit, he was told it would cost him 120000/- and 130000/- respectively.
Police seized the equipment used for forging documents, including a set of tools used in the falsification of official documents and seals belonging to government departments.
On checking the forged national IDs recovered from the suspects, the police found out that some bore NIN numbers already assigned to other citizens while some others were picked as lost and found, subsequently doctored and carried a non-existent unified number.
The suspects arrested have been identified as; Mohammed Tarigenda, Dickson Asaba, Nulu Isabirye, Ronald Nkwanga, Joan Nakato, Rashim Nakanwagi and Badru Mutumba.
The suspects have since been taken to Special Investigations Unit (SIU) and are to face charges of forgery vide SD. REF. 45/14/08/2018.
Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander CP. Moses Kafeero Kabugo warned members of the public against dealing with such people and to report them to police immediately.
“While Nasser Road is committed to raising its image as the commercial printing hub of Kampala, we all have a responsibility to ensure that the law is being followed,” he said.
“Citizens should understand that Uganda has got hi-tech systems used to determine validity of driving permits, national IDs and are recognizable because of their colour, inferior paper quality and absence of security features,” CP. Kafeero added.
Kafeero said that forging of official documents creates a huge burden on social service provision meant for nationals, frustrates revenue collection in form of work permits and promotes infiltration of wrong elements with criminal minds in the country aimed at staging atrocities.