Pro-Muntu FDC MPs Survive Beating at FDC Rally in Soroti

There was panic in Soroti District yesterday after two Forum for Democratic Change Members of parliament survived being beaten by angry supporters after they accused them of undermining their party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat.
This happened during a thanksgiving ceremony organized for FDC party President Patrick Amuriat at Soroti sports ground.
The voters booed Soroti Municipality MP Herbert Edmund Ariko and Soroti District Woman MP Angelline Osegge despite earlier pleas by Catholic liturgy team to embrace unity and tolerance.
Both legislators are members of former FDC president Mugisha Muntu’s campaign task force.
The chaotic rant against the two MPs started when the FDC party spokesperson, Mr Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, introduced the area MPs and invited them to address the people.
The crowds turned rowdy and attempted to obstruct the two MPs from addressing them.
Mr Ariko while addressing them claimed there were some leaders plotting his downfall.
“I came voluntarily for a service, I still subscribe to FDC party,” he said amid heckling from the crowd.
Attempts by the party chairperson, Mr Wasswa Birigwa, to plead to the gathering to exercise restraint and forgiveness fell on death ears as they asked the two MPs to first apologize to them.
“Please listen to me, have a heart, learn to forgive. All the times I have come here was to ensure we have good leadership, let’s be one,” he appealed.
The legislators instead took to their seats as the heckling subsided.
Mr Ariko said: “I was happy Amuriat invited me for the thanksgiving, though some people had advised me not to attend.”
Mr Amuriat said his election as party president for FDC brings pride to Teso Sub-region.
He appealed to people of Teso to embrace his victory, noting that the area has been a “sleeping giant” and that intends to wake them up.
“When our cows were stolen, they kept deceiving us about compensations; they took us to the camps. I am saying we should have our pride back,” he said.
Mr Amuriat, who was accompanied by key stalwarts from the FDC fraternity, said there is need to uphold unity, adding that the people of Teso should collaborate with other regions to achieve the common agenda for change.
The four-time presidential flag bearer for FDC, Dr Kizza Besigye, said he was in Teso to celebrate a strong a leader.
He said the biggest problem Uganda has is leadership.

Museveni Hails Busia NRM Members for Showcasing Political Maturity

President Yoweri Museveni, who is also the National Chairman of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has greatly hailed Movement leaders and supporters in Eastern Region’s Busia District for exercising political maturity and agreeing to support a single NRM candidate in the upcoming by-election for the District Chairmanship.
Addressing Busia District National Resistance Movement delegates’ conference yesterday in Busia Municipality, the President told the delegates that politics should not be seen as a matter of life and death or even as a source employment but rather as an opportunity for those in leadership to find solutions to challenges faced by the people they lead.
Busia District LC5 Chairmanship seat fell vacant after the Court of Appeal nullified the election of Mr. Ouma Adea, the NRM’s flag bearer in the 2016 on grounds of having been nominated wrongfully because he was serving a sentence for having been convicted of bribery.
Busia district National Resistance Movement special delegates conference yesterday endorsed Mr. Ogutu Boniface Paulo as the Movement flag bearer which saw four other Movement candidates step down in his favour.
Those who agreed to step down in favour of Mr. Ogutu include Mr. Stephen Mugeni, Eston Washwa, Wedakule Patrick and Wanyama Stephen who has hitherto been the party flag bearer.
Mr. Museveni, who on the same occasion, handed a party flag to Mr. Ogutu, endorsing him as the Party flag bearer, thanked those who stepped down for the sake of the unity of the Movement noting that they had exhibited a true spirit of cadre ship by putting Party cohesion beyond themselves.
He advised Movement leaders and supporters not to mix politics and leadership with sectarianism of tribes, religion or any other form but elect leaders with a purpose, especially those that can ensure quality service delivery to the electorate.
“You should vote leaders according to their qualities and abilities not tribes or religion because even if he was your tribe’s man in leadership, you will not sleep in his house,” he said
“You should look at leaders and Parties who have solutions for your problems not one’s tribe or religion. Leaders should not divert people and drag them into diversionary politics that has no purpose otherwise you become enemies of your own people,” he added.
Mr. Museveni said that the Movement believes in non-sectarianism and preaches patriotism, pan-Africanism, socio-economic transformation and democracy as its main pillars in developing Uganda.
He urged NRM leaders to sensitize the masses on how to overcome household poverty especially through practicing profit-oriented commercial agriculture.
He stressed that the Movement had focused on agriculture as a way of eradicating poverty because the majority of Ugandans are employed and survive on agriculture.

Gen Otafire, Capt Kahonda Clash at Sgt Kaginda Burial in Mitooma

The Justice and Constitution affairs minister Maj. Gen Kahinda Otafire has hailed the late Mutara chairman LC3 Jackson Kaginda for his works and described him as his true friend who would tell him the truth.
“Late Kaginda was my real friend and wherever I did wrong, he would openly tell me and sometimes abuse me. But he told me the truth”. Said Gen Kahinda.
Minister Otafire was attending the burial of Kaginda who was killed on October 21 and his body hanged on a tree trunk in Ryanshana1, Kashenyi ward Ishaka-Bushenyi Municipality.
The minister also pledged to fulfill the late Kaginda’s request for Mutara Sub County to become town council and also promised support to the deceased’s family.
Kaginda is remembered for allegedly pouring water on Gen Kahinda Otafire during a leaders’ forum at Namboole Stadium in 2017
Kaginda has been a strong supporter and mobilizer of the current MP for Ruhinda county Hon Capt Dononzio Mugabe Kahonda who defeated Otafire in last February 18. 2016 elections.
Capt. Kahonda described the late Kaginda as an educationist, developmental, and a friend to many who never hated any one.
Meanwhile there was a clash between the two sworn enemies after Kahonda complained about security forces arrested and releasing suspects without charges.
Kahonda noted that when it comes to simple cases like his, they take long saying that such issues will cause chaos in the country.
However, Kahinda in his response told off his political tormentor that he should provide sufficient defense in courts to be set free than blaming the government for not withdrawing his cases.
He added that whenever a case remains in courts, it means that government has evidence.
Kahinda also warned leaders against telling lies and misleading Ugandans.
The minister said that, instead of punishing and killing innocent people he would rather release a criminal with no sufficient evidence.
On the issue of wrongful arrest of suspects and torturing them citing the case of former Kamwenge Mayor, Otafire said such mistakes end up costing government in form of compensation.

Besigye Dumped At His Home

Police has driven back Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye from Nagalama police station in Mukono back to his home in Kasangati Wakiso district.
He was driven to his home by a group of police officers driving in the infamous black van for police.
Kizza Besigye had been arrested and driven to Nagalama Police station.
Thursday morning, Besigye woke up to find his house surrounded by police and police cars both at the front and back gate. When he tried to leave using the back gate, he was asked to get into the pickup there.
Besigye then tried to leave his house using the main entrance but police were stationed there with a police van.
He was reportedly heading to Gulu district to attend a court martial session which was hearing a case against MP Robert Kyagulanyi on possessing illegal fire arms.

Museveni to Rioters: Let Politicians Not Lie You That You Can’t be shot

President Museveni has once again engaged Ugandans most especially the youth via social media about a number of issues that have been happening in the country most especially the riots against the arrest of MP Robert Kyagulanyi.
The president also once again condemned the beating of journalists by elements of the Security forces.
“It is true that the journalists working for foreign interests or for our own local parasites to tell lies, they do not do balanced reporting. On account of that you can block them because sometimes they interfere with the scene of crime.”
He advised security forces that “If they refuse, you arrest them and charge them with disobeying lawful command”.
He added that it is wrong to beat them saying that the security forces do not have that power adding that people should not be beaten or even as a punishment.
“They can be imprisoned, fined, hanged, etc according to the law and logic but they cannot, be beaten (flogged) except if the Police is dispersing a menacing mob threatening to kill people or damage property. In some countries, they use batons”.
On the issue of police engaging rioters, the president added that anti-riot SOPs (Standard Operational Procedures) give the whole spectrum of options.
He said they include warning rioters using loud- speakers, using shields and batons, using tear gas, using rubber bullets, using water – cannons, using rifles but firing in the air and, finally, shooting directly at the rioter in self- defense( for the Security personnel), to stop him harming a mwanainchi or damaging property if they do not pay heed”.
The commander in chief warned that “Therefore, Bazukulu, do not be misled by those who are misusing you that the Security cannot use deadly force. It all depends on the circumstances”.
On the issue of releasing Bobi Wine and the others, he explained that the President of Uganda does not have such powers.
“Once somebody is arrested, charged and remanded, it is only two authorities who can release such people in any way: the Courts or the DPP withdrawing charges if the evidence is not enough. Let us therefore, wait for the Courts and see what they decide” He explained.
Museveni also while responding to one Richard Tuwangye whether confronting the rioters can’t affect Tourism and give bad image to Uganda, he said in the short-run, it may.
He however noted that, in the long- run it will pay because opportunists will stop playing around with the stability of the country.
“Tuwangye skepticism about importing voters by the opposition will be reversed once he sees the evidence in courts” He added.

How Military Bowed Out of Bobi Treason Case

Military General Court martial sitting in Gulu barracks has this morning released Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine .
According to a correspondence written by the Director of public prosecution Mike Chibita to the judge advocate general court martial he advised that Kyagulanyi should be added to the charge sheet of other 33 suspects currently facing trial in civil courts.
Chibita added that in his understanding the two cases originate from the same set of facts adding that it would amount to double jeopardy if Bobi Wine is tried in two separate courts over cases that originate from the same facts.
“Please consider letting hon Sentamu face trial in the high court rather than before the court martial.” Chibita said.
Today Court headed by general military court martial Chairman Gen Andrew Gutti dropped all charges related to illegal possession of fire arms which he described as “unfair.”
He was however, picked up immediately and taken to the Gulu Chief Magistrates Court, where he was to be charged with Treason along with his colleagues

100 Suspects Rounded up In Bobi Wine Riots to be charged in Court tomorrow

Over 100 suspects will tomorrow Thursday be charged at Buganda road court and other courts outside Kampala over illegal demonstration and inciting violence in areas of Kampala, Katwe and Mukono.
The case file has been sanctioned by area residence state Attorneys.
Police on Monday arrested at least 123 people involved in the riots in Kampala, Mukono and Katwe while the biggest number was picked from the notorious Kisekka Market and a few from the outskirts of Kampala City.
After the screening of the suspects, many have been released by police and those who remained are believed to have participated in inciting and stoning police officers and destroying property during operation to calm down the situation.
Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire says suspects will appear tomorrow in Buganda road, Makindye and Mukono magistrates’ courts.
Luke added that, “we are going to be out in massive force and basically we are going to be patrolling the streets to ensure that we protect property. Therefore I call upon citizens to find lawful means of expressing their emotions rather than violating the law,”

Police Impounds Lorry Full of Old Tyres for Burning Kampala

Police says it has intercepted a syndicate of riot planners who were found in possession of dozens of machetes, marijuana and old tyres which they were reportedly planning to use to burn the city.
Patrick Onyango the deputy police spokesperson says the truck full of old and used car tyres were intercepted after some of the group members tipped police about their fellows who were planning to raze down Kampala city.
“The owners of the truck were being sought for questioning .A numbers of suspects are in custody as investigations into the tyre burning and arson continues. Onyango said.

Some of the machetes recovered from planners of the riots

It is reported that areas targeted by rioters who are demonstrating against the arrest of Bobi Wine include Kasangati, Gayaza, Katwe, Mukono, Kamwokya and Kisekka.
Onyango added that the situation is currently under control and urged Ugandans to avoid engaging in acts of violence and economic sabotage.

Nkurunziza Hails Burundi Defense Forces in Re-election Anniversary Message

Burundian president His Excellency Pierre Nkurunziza has hailed the country’s defense and security forces in his message to celebrate his third anniversary of his re-election as the nation’s eighth president.
President Nkurunziza who has been President of Burundi since 2005 was  on 24 July 2015  re-elected into office after garnering 69.41% of the vote.
Following his re-election, the country witnessed a number of protests by the opposition and an attempted coup led by Gen Godefroid Niyombareh who is said to have been financed by the neighboring Rwanda.
Nkurunziza in his message to the nation to mark his third anniversary of his re-election acknowledged that it is God who also allowed him to mark his anniversary of his victory in the elections that have endowed the country with democratic institutions that will guide it until 2020.
Pierre Nkurunziza reiterated gratitude to all the Burundians who voted for him and for showing wisdom in him to lead them again.
He said Burundians can now celebrate in a peaceful climate with guaranteed security and total tranquility in all corners of the country and going about their business freely.
“This success is due to the good practice of collaboration that characterizes the leaders in various sectors of the national life: the Defense and Security Forces, the justice, the local Administration and the population”. President Nkurunziza said.
He also thanked the friends of Burundi who contributed to Burundi achieving this level of development in the field of democracy.
The president explains that they helped him find appropriate solutions to the country’s political problems.
He recalled that he is committed to reconciling Burundians, promoting the values ​​of love and complementarity, sharing, work, good behavior, mutual respect and ensuring that everyone eats the sweat of his forehead.
He says he wants Burundians to constantly meditate on national unity and behave accordingly and consider that Burundi is their homeland.
“Burundians must realize that they are masters of the destiny of their country” said the Head of State.
He also talked about the Moralization Campaign of the Society he initiated in Burundi over a period of three years on the theme: “Let’s meditate on our country, know where we come from and where we are going.”
The October 2011 Monaco Peace and Sports International organization award winner says its main objective to bring the Burundian population is to open their eyes, to see clearly, to avoid groping and to follow dead-end routes, avoid entering an unknown forest at the risk of meeting an unpleasant surprise.
“This Campaign of Discernment will undoubtedly give a boost to the process of Truth and Reconciliation for the Burundian people, without forgetting the implementation of the Local Solidarity policy whose first edition was a success” he said. .
Pierre Nkurunziza appealed to all Burundians, especially the administrative ones, in the institutions and in all sectors, to take appropriate measures for change.
“Among the decisions to be taken, there is one that concerns all without distinction. “Let us prepare and organize the 2020 elections ourselves and those that will follow without waiting for outside help,” he said.

Museveni Sweeps away security chiefs in Arua

President Museveni the commander in chief of armed forces has suspended the entire security leadership in Arua district following the incident that saw his car stoned by opposition supporters.
The president says the Arua district Internal Security organization (DISO) has been removed and will be replaced by a new one. He also follows the transfer of the district police commander who was also replaced by SP Kintu from Masaka district.
He maintains that the problem in Arua was caused by Bobi Wine’s group together with Kasiano Wadri, who attacked him something he describes as a useless action because he is protected and that he can defend himself.
He explains that the more serious issue is the group he also terms as chronically indisciplined people attacking women and children, destroying people’s property.
“Who is Bobi Wine or anybody to beat our people and for what? Watch the videos of Jinja and Bugiri, which are attached to this post. Should that happen in Uganda and why”.Museveni wonders.
The head of state further said that If the Army had not intervened in Arua, a lot of people would have been killed by Bobi Wine group saying that they had gathered stones, knives and that there were reports of even guns.
“Why is it that we have never heard of any incident where the NRM supporters have ever attacked the Opposition supporters? Do you remember how the Bobi Wines were attacking the other MPs in Parliament? Are we to allow them to attack the Wanainchi in similar ways?”.
“How about assaulting soldiers or policemen? Do you remember the policeman, Ariong, who died from a stone throw? The security forces should be commended for saving mass deaths in spite of the fact that many of them were not equipped for anti-riot”.
“Nevertheless, they managed to subdue, without shooting these violent characters who were trying to attack them as you saw their conduct in Parliament. I will study more the issue of the driver who died”.
Museveni noted that Hon. Zake’s story is that he colluded with nurses to escape from the hospital in Arua where he had been taken after his violent confrontation with the security forces.
“The Police have not moved to rearrest him because he resurfaced in a hospital in Kampala. Let him recover, the charges still await him. Resisting arrest is disobeying a lawful order. It is punishable by a sentence of imprisonment for two years”.
“Those who pretend to support the Opposition are misleading them by failing to advise them to stop intimidating and attacking Ugandans. The Ugandans, led by us, will resist them”.
“The limited counter-attack in Arua of arresting and putting in lawful custody the perpetrators that are suspected to have attacked people, like it happened in Jinja, Bugiri etc, should send a warning to those who are in the habit of miscalculating”.
This group has been putting on red to signify their intention to shed blood; and they have been putting on Army red berets to signify their intention of using military means. We have ignored those threatening signals.
“However, to threaten Ugandans by words and to actually attack them by stones, clubs and guns will not be tolerated. To rape women because they are NRM, or, indeed, raping any woman, qualify one for a death sentence in the Law Courts of Uganda”.
“If you do not see these as problems, then you are a fascist. The Security forces must be commended because they saved mass deaths by dispersing these misguided people without using rifle fire, considering the fact that many of them were not equipped for anti- riot duties notwithstanding.
He explained that Kassiano Wadri, on the other hand, who should not have been in the company of such violent people, did not change residences and did not engage in hand to hand combat with security forces, from the reports he got.
“His mistake may be to organize and participate in such a violent procession and to import illegal voters. The court will decide according to the evidence. Stop supporting impunity, stop supporting election cheating, and stop supporting violence whatever side you are on”.
Museveni further revealed that he investigating the circumstances of the driver of Bobi Wine who died.
“In certain circumstances, the Police can use live bullets if they are not equipped with anti-riot equipment and the rioters are on the verge of killing innocent people. That is also possible”.