Avoid spending money in politics, Museveni cautions Youth

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has told the young people of Busoga Sub-Region in particular and Uganda in general that being a youth must not only be biological but should also be ideologically oriented if the young people are to transform their societies.

“I have a lot of experience with youth engagement. When we started, we were young, so when you talk about youth do not only talk about biology but also talk about ideology that drives positive transformation,”Museveni said.
The President who was accompanied by his daughter Natasha Karugire was on Saturday speaking at Jinja Agricultural show ground during a meeting with the Youth leaders from Busoga Sub-region.
“I’m very happy to see young people like you who are active and supporting NRM. We shall endeavor to empower and support the youth leaders from Busoga economically so that they can become examples to the community and who will in turn teach other young people. We shall take you to visit some of my farms and see how you can develop your respective areas,” he said.

President Museveni who is also the NRM flag-bearer in the upcoming general elections said that its very easy to get rich in Uganda if the population ‘wakes’ up because there are so many opportunities in Uganda only waiting to be exploited.
“I will be very happy for you to become examples of your area as change agents,” he said.
Regarding campaigns and mobilization, President Museveni said its not necessary to have too many groups and advised them to have NRM mobilization team to mobilize at the village level and at workplaces.
He said there is a need to mobilize in schools especially now for the candidate classes who were allowed to resume school.
“Many schools are still closed but candidate classes are there so you should go and mobilize them,” he said.
He advised the young people to avoid spending money in politics and said “let people vote you because of your ability to lead them not because you have bought them”. He said leaders should show the way to the people they lead not carrying them on their shoulders.
“So we have agreed, you go and visit my farm, campaign in schools, after elections, we shall empower you economically and you become examples of the rest,” he said.
The Speaker of Parliament, the Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga advised the youth from Busoga to be patient and stay focused by walking and working together so that they are able to reach their destination.
“Please go and tell those other young people who had gone to come back home. Let us work hard to have NRM stay to continue its mission of developing this country,” Speaker Kadaga said.
In a statement presented by Mr. Adonia Mafumo the chairperson of Luuka district on behalf of all youth leaders of Busoga region, commended President Museveni for uniting the people of Uganda and being an icon of peace and economic freedom that the young people are enjoying.
“We thank you in a special way for believing in the young people of this country and we pledge to protect you as our revolutionary leader in pursuit of securing our future” Mr. Mafumo said in a statement.
The Youth in Busoga appreciated the President’s continuous support and consideration given to them and pledged as youth of Busoga Sub-region to deliver over 75% win for him and for all the NRM flag bearers.
On the sidelines of the Youth meeting, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni met and held discussions with all the NRM flag bearers from Busoga Sub-region.
The Flag bearers included constituency members of parliament, woman MPs and District chairpersons.
During this meeting, President Museveni said that his views about mobilization are different from most of them. He said that when they are talking about mobilization, they should talk about people’s livelihoods.
“While campaigning, tell them that you are going to work with NRM to solve the problems of wealth and jobs creation,” he said.
Regarding the bickering of some leaders in the region, the President called for reconciliation and appealed for calm and harmony. He warned that these conflicts, if they continue, are going to be expensive and diversionary.
“What I appeal to you, the camps should sit and reconcile. If you don’t reconcile, its going to be very expensive and diversionary. If you work together, you can deliver victory for every one” President Museveni said.


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